What exactly is Brink? - Gamers Riot

Brink hasn't exactly been pumped up as a game to watch out for in May by the gaming media. Details seem to be placed in a scatter pattern around the net. Let's round up the features for this unique looking online shooter.

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kyl2772753d ago

I pre-ordered it on steam, I hope it's good as I rarely pre-order games.

fluffydelusions2753d ago

I will pick up on steam depending on reviews.

joydestroy2753d ago

some stuff here i didn't know. good article. even more excited!

BenEViolent2753d ago

I wrote the article. Thanks a ton for saying that! <3

joydestroy2753d ago

yeah man, np. seriously, good to see articles like this one on here. very rare lol

CrzyFooL2753d ago

Its a game where you shoot shit... with bullets!

Ninver2753d ago

in other words generic.

Killzone3___2753d ago

it's like mirror edge with more weapons , that's why i like it but i have to play a demo first...

BenEViolent2753d ago

As you can see with the couple of disagrees that you have, it's actually not Mirror's Edge with guns. Have a look see at the article and see if you agree.

Killzone3___2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

the reason i like this game because it looks like mirror edge , if it doesn't i won't buy it because mirror edge is a great game.. sometimes it makes me excited and sometimes it doesn't , that's why i said i have to play a demo ..

i understand how the gameplay is , it have alots of things from mirror edge , it's really fast, i love this type of gameplay and im really good at it , but i have a bad feeling for something in the game , i dunno what it is , maybe the look of the players , they look small.. i really dunno what it is..

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