What New Things Can Batman: Arkham City Offer Players

In 2009 Batman: Arkham Asylum burst on to the scene, with a new fresh look on Batman games, but with the classic voice actors we all loved as a kid. It is clearly the best Batman game released thus far, in both the fans point of view and big time gaming medias. Not long ago we’ve learned that a sequel to the holy grail of Batman games will be released this coming October, so what could be added or changed to make this game even more epic than the first? Well, that’s what We Got This Covered is about to discuss!

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Doctorofreality2751d ago

I think the main thing would be can a development team keep such a high stanard up. In this case: easily.

TheHip142751d ago

I think Rocksteady can successfully pull this one off. Everything we've seen looks fantastic

Wick2751d ago

I loved the first game. So I'm eagerly anticipating this one. Hopefully they won't alter the formula too much.

Focker4202751d ago

I just wish the enemy types are a little more diverse. Facing the same exact enemies throughout the entire game got pretty repetitive.

TheHip142751d ago

@Focker420 agree, most games suffer from this though

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