Microsoft Capitalizing While PSN is Down - FREE 1600 Live Points with New Game

Microsoft has just unleashed an incredible deal, starting today and ending on March 15th, when you purchase any game $29.99 and up, you instantly get a 1600 Xbox LIVE point card via the Microsoft store, but that’s not all, apparently some of the $9.99 games are also eligible for this incredible deal.

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Munky_VIII2779d ago

Hmmm, quite a long deal by the looks of it.

maawdawg2779d ago

yeah, I am going to go ahead and assume that is supposed to be May 15th and not until next March.

Sam Fisher2779d ago

you know, the funny thing. ive seen a past article not too long ago, me saying this about microsoft and i was basically bashed, and now ppl are agreeing with this article

I_find_it_funny2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Nice :)

13 days Sony, 13 days

LMAO just kidding, but Sony is losing a lotta money, I guess PS3 sales dropped significantly in the last days

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Solidus187-SCMilk2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Ms is having a promotion and it somehow means that they are trying to capitalize on PSN being down? They are just trying to sell some games, it has nothing to do with sony geez.

over the last year ms have been having alot more promotions then they used to.

Im sure the author just chose those words to help get some hits. Funny how it worked on some people here and they are actually upset and think MS is out to kick sony while they are down.

Fact is it has nothing to do with sony and PSN because they do promotions like this all the time. The guy made a Flamebait title and it worked hook, line and sinker.

WildArmed2779d ago

Aye, it's more like the ones trying to capitalize on PSN being down are the amateur journalists w/ their sensationalist/ flame-bait headlines.

RedDevils2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

yeah these Journalist are milking this crap out of proportion

Jezuz2779d ago

So when Microsoft is doing good, there have to be a conspiracy behind it?

nanometric2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

And with every conspiracy, you get this...for absolutely free. Buy in now!

osamaq2779d ago

they are hunting in the dirty water ...

Vherostar2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

First of all I just checked the store there is no offer on? Even if it was the offer was US only? This is why MS do well in the US only and not worldwide as they pump most there promotion money into US promotions like this. Even so the offers either no longer valid or was never there? Oh and the so called qualifying games you can get for at least $20 cheaper elsewhere meaning you could buy those points with that $20 or another game! MS store is a rip off for games.

Jonah_Reese2779d ago

Lol what a horrible title, Microsoft has a sale so they put PSN in the title to get hits I guess. Seriously, "Fantastic 360 Games on Sale" wasn't good enough? Just saying.

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fluffydelusions2779d ago

MS are a business. What do you expect? They are after money.

awiseman2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Im guessing free ms points is not your cuppatea?

@plbelanger repsponce below: You didnt need to tell me that I new that from the beginning

Mr Patriot2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

i desagrey becos of you re gramar mestak good dey sar btw talkin to awiseman

Fel082779d ago

To be fair, any company is after money.

guitarded772779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Does that make me a company?

kaveti66162779d ago

No guitarded.

It's simple logic.

If A, then B.

But not necessarily if B, then A.

If a company, then it's after money.

If it's after money, it's not necessarily a company.

Christopher2779d ago

If I had a new 360, I'd be all over this. Only reason I don't go 360 is because I own one of the old models and despise the noise it makes when I game.

guitarded772779d ago

Get a kick ass sound system and you'll never have to hear it again.

mcstorm2779d ago

The noise is not that bad I have an original 360 and ps3 and when the ps3 fans kick in the 360 is not much louder than the ps3 in fact the 360 with just fans spinning and no disk is quiter than ps3 and playtv so just install the game on ya had.

Christopher2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Got a PM, but I'll say it here as well. For me, my 360 is loud even with the game installed to the HDD. Did that with Alan Wake, still annoyed the heck out of me.

And, yeah, a sound system is great if you can turn up the sound without regard to others in the house, neighbors, or your own eardrums.

My PS3 can get loud after 4-5 hours of playing a single game, but even that isn't as loud as the 360.


gotta agree with you there cgoodno.
i have 360 and ps3 and 360 is louder.
i dont complain about the noise the 360 or any other system makes though because i play my games with a decent amount of volume on my t.v. so it doesn't bother me too much.

humbleopinion2779d ago

Well, at least this debunks the myth that all of the old models already RRODed...

Christopher2779d ago

Heh. Yeah, mine is still kicking. Never had an error to date, but don't play it much.

Its_That_Purp2779d ago

Three Words. Surround Sound Headphones

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SonyNGP2779d ago

Isn't every company after money?

romancer2779d ago

giving away 1600 free points on a $9.95 game (Fable: the Lost Chapters) is greedy???

t0mmyb0y2779d ago

Pretty sad way of running a business. I just can't stand the way Microsoft conducts themselves. Sony does some weird stuff sometimes too, just don't like Microsoft I guess.

Pillville2779d ago

Having a sale is a sad way of running a business?

taylork372778d ago


What is sad about in some cases giving away money?

t0mmyb0y2778d ago

If you dont mind being bought, by all means...

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Chocoboh2779d ago

Too bad the points system is pure garbage.

Dread2779d ago


I can still buy games and movies with them. I bet if sony had a similar system you would be loving it.

Max_Dissatisfaction2779d ago

Yep, I'm pretty sure people are going to be throwing away their free 1600 points in a fit of rage because they don't like the point system./s
MS are pretty much saying but any new game and we'll give you free CoD DLC, or at least thats how millions of people are gonna see this. Win

KarrBOMB2779d ago

What??? What exactly are you getting at? How exactly is the point system garbage and how does it affect the end user?

I guess the PS3's purchase system is really great though huh??? Oh wait, you can't do anything online with the PS3 because the network is down.

Go ahead and compare the amount of demos and trial games on the 2 systems as well, the 360 trumps the PS3's weak list of demos. Also go ahead and compare the intuitive menus. I have both systems and PS3 Home is an after thought when comparing it to Live.

frostypants2779d ago

What does PSN being down or the selection of material on Live have to do with the points system? I agree with Chocoboh, the points system SUCKS. All it does is occasionally force you to pay for points you don't need, rather than just letting you buy the exact quantity you need for the title in question. This benefits nobody but MS.

Look, Live has it's benefits. But the points system is NOT one of them. It's garbage for the consumer. Claiming otherwise is pure fanboyism. If it were offered as an OPTION, that would be ok.

KarrBOMB2779d ago

At what point did I actually say the point system was the greatest thing about Live? When in fact did I actually say anything about the point system being better then XYZ option from other consoles? I simply asked how it affects the end user. I use each and every point I buy, so I never have an excess of points that I am unable to use. So how am I paying for something that I don't need? Would I rather buy something that had a direct corelation to the cost? Of course, but I'll take everything else that live exceeds in for something that minor.

And Chocoboh said the point system was garbage, I pointed out that Homes Demos, trials and overall menus are seriously lacking. Are you saying one person is allowed to point out what they see as a flaw in one system and another person can't respond with the same principals about another system?

He said the point system sucked for Live, I said that Home lacked in Demos and intuitive menus... Really just 2 people making different points.

And claiming fanboyism for anyone defending the points is so far off reality. Defending something blindly with obsession is much closer to the truth. A fanboy to me is someone who refuses to see any point of view that contradicts their obsession, be it Gaming systems, Movies or anything.

My side of this was simply pointing out that there are problems with each system, I just wanted an intelligent reason to him saying the point system was garbaage. Most of the people on here that make a statement about the system that's competing against theirs, say something with no knowledge other then what the read. I have both systems and like certain things about each, but hearing other people say the 360 sucks because their mom and dad only purchased them a PS3, it's unintelligent and has far more fanboyistic characteristics then anything I said.

blumatt2779d ago

Yeah, it sucks you've got to sometimes buy more points than you need. MS should allow you to buy EXACTLY the amount you need to have enough, instead of forcing you to keep buying more than you need. I think they should just adopt a dollar for dollar system, like the PSN Store, which has real money instead of a cumbersome points system.

frostypants2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

You asked how it effects the end user and I answered it. You also brought PSN into the discussion, which was completely random.

I can't understand why anybody likes the points system, though. It offers no advantages...or if it does, nobody seems to be able to articulate them.

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BigKev452779d ago

They are out of 1600 MS points. Old news now.

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