THQ Reveals DLC Strategy For Experimental Racer

MCVUK: "THQ will release DLC for its upcoming racer MX vs ATV Alive every other week to satisfy fans.

The off-road racer is part of a new, experimental strategy for the publisher. The game will be sold at a reduced £29.99 price point, with further sales made through DLC."

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soundslike2729d ago

Hopefully the inital content is not at all comparable to F2P games out there.

Because if it is...well then it seems pretty obvious that F2P would be a better option and reel more people in.

GamerSciz2729d ago

I kind of like this idea situation depending. For example, if MX vs ATV has a lot of content and can keep me busy for quite a few hours going through races and a SP and allow for MP, all for $30 it seems worth it. Then if the DLC adds new modes and extends the gameaplay further then it could definitely be worth it as well. However I doubt that there would be $30 worth of DLC but like I said it depends. Interesting concept though to make games cheaper in the beginning.