Why IGN's Purchase of UGO, 1UP Sucks - Game Revolution

"If you love being the first person to comment on a story, you probably love IGN. If you have no taste in games and like to be spoon fed 8 pages of review text that the publisher and developer wrote, you probably love IGN. If you like reading reviews that were originally written in crayon, you probably love IGN." - Game Revolution

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good one, and i loved this one ''Branch out! There's a whole world wide web out there with a ton of differing opinions about games and gaming culture. Life is not based on whether the latest Zelda got a 9.8 or a 9.7. You're missing out on a ton of games IGN doesn't promote on it's front page. Be the gamer you want to be, not the one they want you to be.''

Sev2779d ago

Yeah man, really a great article filled with truths.

dbjj120882779d ago

Seriously, IGN sucks for gaming news.

samurailincoln2779d ago

Daniel sure listens to his gut a lot. But what about his heart?

LostTokens2779d ago

When I first heard this news I was scared... if the "style" at IGN becomes the new norm, we as gamers could all be in some trouble. Bringing up their Dead Space 2 review is a damn good scare tactic for the future of game reviewing and writing in general.