Edge: The Best Games Of 2000 To 2009: Grand Theft Auto III

Edge: "Among the many reasons why GTAIII is one of our games of the last decade is its complete (arguably deliberate) ownership of that role. From Child’s Play to Driller Killer, Death Row Records to the Rhyme Syndicate, controversy has traditionally been shared within movements – especially by those looking to profit from the transaction.

But GTAIII is such an arch-provocateur, such a perfect storm of brilliance, innovation, appeal and mischief, that it’s stolen almost every headline. Over 4,000 articles have been published about it, notes the Guinness Book Of Records. Rival scare stories about Manhunt and Bully depend on it. For better or worse, it has shaped the relationship between gamers and non-gamers for as long as it’s existed."

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