Ubisoft Creates New Studio Dedicated To Video Game Films

Launching Ubisoft Motion Pictures, French video game publisher Ubisoft will be developing it's video game franchises into full feature films and TV series in the coming years.

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xc7x2726d ago

err,maybe this is the way to do video game movies,let the game publishers do everything so that properties stay more true to themselves,rather than some outside firm making the ip altogether different than what it is.

JoeIsMad2726d ago

I agree. This could be the right direction for gaming movies in the future. Then again, that really depends on how you felt about their Prince of Persia film.

thekidq2725d ago

Persia was okay but nowhere near the quality it was marketed as story wise.

JoeIsMad2726d ago

I'm thinking they might go into the idea of the Splinter Cell film first, as the second hiring they made was for an individual who worked on a French WWII themed film. Fully speculative on that though.

thekidq2725d ago

An Ass Creed movie would be pretty cool. If you've already seen the short film Ubi made for part 2 then you could imagine the potential.

milohighclub2725d ago

Yeah i saw it thought it was pretty awesome. i think if they do the film they should wait til ac 3 is out. splinter cell would be cool. Who should play Sam?

dgroundwater2725d ago

They have been talking about becoming an all around "entertainment" company for awhile now. Until a good film comes out of this I'm not too interested.

JoeIsMad2725d ago

I'm assuming you didn't like the Prince of Persia film then?

dgroundwater2725d ago

Never bothered. Maybe it's fun but it just isn't a favourite franchise of mine. Though a Splinter Cell or Asassin's Creed movie would be eye popping for most people I'd imagine.

thekidq2725d ago

Agreed, hopefully they make good on promises.

Tyre2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

I thought the CGI vids of Assassin's Creed 2 were awesome, the live action movies not so much...what's wrong with making a full length CGI animation movie? most of the CGI movies in games are better than theater full length animation movies...they've got the expertise to make a full length CGI animation movie based on their games..that wouldn't rape the franchises and it would make a statement...why hasn't there been a full length CGI movie based on games sorta like 'Final Fantasy Spirits Within' since 200, that movie was mind blowing back in the day...Ubisoft could make it happen...i prefer a full CGI movie over a live action mix with CGI movie based on games.

soundslike2725d ago

Well their games are turning into one big cinematic quick time event anyway...

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