God of War Chain of Olympus Demo

A few weeks back Sony sent out some much wanted demo discs of the new to be released psp title: God of War-Chains of Olympus. Now you probably where not one of the lucky few who got their hands of this disc, right?

Thanks to you can now fully enjoy this demo as it's now availible for download.

For more information head over to their site en play this nice game!

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soccerstar4018d ago

i signed up to get a demo of GOW and i am a GAP member and i never got mine so that sucks

Snukadaman4018d ago

jeez this was like 2 weeks ago wasnt it?

Premonition4018d ago

Same here, still havent seen it yet.

jkoz4018d ago

Got mine... not sure what this Gap member is... maybe it's cause I shop at baby gap?

LeonSKennedy4Life4018d ago

G.A.P. - Gamer Advisory Panel

Sony sends people invitations into the GAP when they've shown a commitment to gaming as an art. You have to first be a Playstation Underground member though.

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The story is too old to be commented.