The Philosophical Question of the PSN Outage

Kyle writes: "Is online connectivity really all it’s cracked up to be? In the wake of Sony completely losing their online service for over a week, I just have to ask one potentially-obvious-but-maybe- not question: Do we as gamers really need online? In this modern era of gaming where so much is convenient and instantaneous, is online service a necessity, the future of gaming, a perk that we take for granted or something which, when you get right down to it, is easily disposable?"

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Prototype2728d ago

He does raise some very good valid points, while PSN was offline I did actually replay some of the older games that reminded me of what a good story is without all the flashy graphics and voice acting, as well as online. I was also able to finish certain games that otherwise I'd have put on hold for longer just because I was "asked" to join someones game to either play or hangout.

The problem with a lot of the newer gen they feel its their "right" to play online for whatever reason instead of actually thinking why you "need" the online.

I'd vote this article something everyone should at least read once and really think about how online is changing the gaming industry as a whole.

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LFC1EE2728d ago

To be honest there are so many great titles to play on ps3 i didn't miss it, but when psn comes back on it's something to look forward to and chat with your friends, no losers, only winners.

BlackTar1872728d ago

I missed my DCUO that is all :(

Please let me play it before thursday Raid resets

DigitalRaptor2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

I think single-player games in general are good enough and online is not exactly needed. But I won't say that it's irrelevant because millions of people LOVE online gameplay and playing with their friends over a network, and I won't be one to argue against that.

For me, the rich and immersive single-player experience has always been more rewarding.

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