Deus Ex: Human Revolution – 10 Things To Look Forward to (

Check out this indepth preview for Deus Ex: Human Revolution from

"George Reith takes an indepth look at Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Check out his impressions below.
Who doesn’t love Deus Ex? You can put your hands down now, your opinion doesn’t count. Though it may look like a (now relatively old) sci-fi FPS on the outside, Deus Ex held a huge amount of depth."

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RahatR2725d ago

I loved Deus Ex! I can't wait for this!

Hellsvacancy2725d ago

Same here (never played the 2nd though)

gameseveryday2725d ago

i honestly feel this game would of been a lot better in 3rd person, plus the zoom in to the cool animations would of been easier. but i guess changes like this cant be made now :(

cb8102725d ago

I think you can wait with that. It is 2011 you need to wait 16 years. After that you can do it.