Thinking on rails: why Portal 2 isn't as good as the original

ARS: Valve's Portal 2, the long-awaited sequel to 2007's landmark Portal, was one of the most eagerly awaited games of the year. The Potato Sack Alternative Reality Game and the prospect of unlocking the game early stoked the fires of anticipation still further.

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NukaCola2752d ago

The shock value wore off but the game itself is still amazing. And it's 4 times the game the original was, plus it's much more polished, amazing story, challenging, very long, lots of replay. It's like Bioshock 2. Although it's a great game, the original is so amazing that it's hard to compare. But of course that is a bad comparison because Portal 2 is so much better than BS2.

Nes_Daze2752d ago

There's always been so much pure hype surrounding these games and I've never had the opportunity to get the damn game. Can't wait to get it to see why people love em so much.

Lirky2752d ago

Portal1 was ok, but it made me more motion sickness because the speed of chell made me nausiated, but Portal2 the speed for chell was more reasonable and everything felt less-motion sickness. That is why portal2 was superior than the first for me.

NukaCola2752d ago

Agreed. I think there are people who like the first one cause of it's imperfections, but I love how dynamic the flow is in Portal 2. Your portals hit where you want them and when you are flying through the game, everything flows so smoothly. It's just an all around polished game, which I really do enjoy and very much appreciate.

GamerSciz2752d ago

Portal one was new and challenging and had a lot of extra puzzles via the community. It's still early for Portal 2 as DLC is coming this summer but as far as comparison Portal 2 was easier then Portal but focused a lot more on story and presentation. Not to mention Co-op is tons of fun.

DaReapa2752d ago

Totally agree. Even though Portal 2 is a much bigger game than its predecessor in almost every facet, I also felt it was much easier. And I have to agree with the author in regards to the "on rails" nature of the game. It seemed that while solving puzzles, you could either do extremely right (almost too right at times) or just plain couldn't get it. With Portal 1, particularly during the later stages of the game, I always got those "sit at the edge of your seat" moments when solving puzzles because you never knew if you did just enough when timing that perfect jump or droping at that perfect angle to advance to the next challenge. In P2, I never sensed that. It was either hit or miss. But make no mistake about it - Portal 2, IMO, is the best game to come out at this point of the year and is every bit of entertaining. Hopefully the DLC won't feel as "on rails".

ntrailz2752d ago

Portal 1 was a throw away game stuck on the end of triple A titles which became a legendary puzzle game pushing boundaries.

I was concerned about Portal 2 but all I can say is that it has enhanced every feature of the original.

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