Dragon Age Steam Deals

Save and Quit - It’s EA week on Steam, and that means cheap games! Save on Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age II and all expansion packs.

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Brash_Attack2779d ago

I'm getting 45 for download

BeastlyRig2779d ago

meh bought the witcher 2 already..

frelyler2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

I'm going to predict that the other sales this week will include, dead space 1 and 2, crysis 1 and 2 along with warhead, portal 1 and 2 and finally darkspore and spore. Just a guess. Anyone else?

acousticpicker832779d ago

Technically EA only publishes the console version of Valve games. On PC, Valve is responsible for both developing and publishing. So you won't find Portal 1 and 2 in EA's catalog on Steam.

frelyler2779d ago

I agree about Portal 2 not being on the EA sale, but I would bet money it will be the weekend deal to cap it all off. However, you are dead wrong about EA only distributing the console versions. EA also published the retail version of Portal 2 on PC, if you don't believe me check wiki or just look on the retail box. I forgot the obvious one though, mass effect 1 and 2.

acousticpicker832779d ago

I guess we're both wrong. Valve _is_ the publisher for both. But EA is the distributor (but only for the boxed retail version, not the Steam version).

Either way, on Steam Portal 2 is exclusively considered part of the Valve catalog and not part of the EA catalog.

frelyler2778d ago

I agree acousticpicker83.