Entertainment Focus - Review: Mortal Kombat

Overall Mortal Kombat is an amazing achievement and it's definitely the best of the series so far. The combat is as brutal and gory as ever and very satisfying - it's worth stressing that this is an 18 rated game and the violence may be too much for some players. There's an incredible variety of content on offer that will provide months of entertainment. This is an essential purchase for fans of the genre and Mortal Kombat series.

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showtimefolks2752d ago

the only place where i ever played fighting games were at arcades

i really want to play MK and new SF games is there a easy mode where i can just press any button and beat the game just to live the story

Kahvipannu2751d ago

MK is pretty good for "non-combat" players. Specials are easy to do with all characters, they are similar, it's 2d, and you can adjust the story difficulty (which was great imo^^). Still, there is couple pretty bad sections in story, but with right tactic they are managable.

I have been playing this a LOT after release, but man I wish I could finally go online to play this (PS3)..