GamePro: Are $60 games here to stay?

When Microsoft released the Xbox 360 on November 22, 2005, it marked the first time that console gamers would be treated to high-definition graphics in all their detailed glory. It also marked the beginning of an era where major game publishers would impose a $10 next-gen tax -- $60 per game instead of the usual $50.

The best argument for justifying $60 games is the inflation of other mass media entertainment. Since 1984, the average cost of a movie ticket has nearly doubled. A hardcover book costs 30-50 percent more than it did in the same year, and cable prices have nearly tripled for the same period. Console video games, by comparison, tarried at a steadfast $50 per game for more than 20 years.

What about a rise in development costs -- the primary argument publishers used back in 2004 when first exploring the $60 game standard? While games undoubtedly cost more to make today than they did 20 years ago (think: HD visuals, voice acting, online support, motion-capture), the application of a $10 price increase is inconsistent at best.

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RBlaze4115d ago (Edited 4115d ago )

Here in the UK, a game is released at about £45. Thats $90 dollars!!!! The only time of recent that we haven't been screwed compared to you guys was for the Halo Legendary Edition, which we only paid the equivelent of an extra $10. 60 dollar game = 30 pound ... I wish!!

And don't even get me started on Console prices. When you guys complained about a $600 PS3, we got it 5 months later, and had to pay the equivelent of 850 dollars!!! And your $350 Xbox360, 500 dollar equivelent we pay now!

Well, thats my rant over

ReBurn4115d ago

I've never complained about the price of games. If there's something that I think costs too much I'll wait until I can get it used. As for people in Europe and Australia I do think that you guys are getting screwed on prices. But a large portion of that is taxes that the government is imposing, not greed from the corporations.

bym051d4115d ago

If you're going to raise the price of games, raise the quality of games. Pretty graphics and too short or crappy gameplay isn't worth $60.

Seraphim4115d ago

I said this last gen all to often. There are very few games that have the quality to warrant a full price tag of $40-50. Games this generation have been essentially the same. Just that now they're in HD. But the quality is still lacking. Namely gameplay. Because length comes with the title itself. There's a place for 6-10 hour games and there's a place for 11-20 hour games, etc. Pound for pound most games just don't warrant the money. Unless you're a hardcore fan of the genre and will play it relentlessly for a month+ straight or you're into online and the specific game has online capabilities. Very few games have been released this generation that warrant $60. And most of which, I've found, are single player games...

sandip7874115d ago

i would be over the moon if games cost £30 here in the UK!!!

Komrad4115d ago

$44.95 for TMNT (nes) for $44.95 in '89 was rough. eu & aus/nz definitely getting screwhole prices.

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