SONY and TOSHIBA to share a 40% and 60% share on Cell production

This is is to dispel the myth that SONY has sold off Cell to Toshiba. In reality SONY has got into a joint venture with TOSHIBA on CELL production .

Here is what the article said :-

"While the ownership of the asset would go to Toshiba, Sony and its gaming unit, Sony Computer Entertainment, would jointly participate in the production process as a minority shareholder of 40% in a new joint venture to be set up in April with Toshiba, which would take the remaining 60%. "

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EZCheez4021d ago

It's funny though that Toshiba will be assisting in Sony selling more PS3's (blu-ray players) at better prices.

nasim4021d ago (Edited 4021d ago )

AMAZON is indicative of BD sales.

recently the sales of BD due to a 2 for 1 promotion has jumped 200%

BD is now beating HD DVD 4:1 in NA

Transformer alone couldnt do anything


BTW here is what the BD :HD DVD look like at the moment
Statistic Blu-ray HD DVD

Salesrank of top 10 products:

35.8 321.9

Salesrank of top 25 products:

77.68 716.44

Salesrank of top 100 products:

973.12 3626.39

a lead of 4:1 at the moment for BD

bdwins4021d ago

Since Toshiba/Sony/IBM all co-developed the CELL processor, this isnt going to change a thing.

EZCheez4021d ago

Not true. If it didn't change anything then this deal never would have happened. Also, another thing that has changed is the owner of about $1 billion (approximately) involved in this deal.

cuco334021d ago

nasim, why are you talking about sales when the topic at hand is about CELL production?!?!?

You define troll the max. I won't even get into it and your made up 'facts'

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Skerj4021d ago

Can we please stop the duplicate stories putting any other kind of spin on this topic from now on?

PimpHandHappy4021d ago

the success of the Wii didnt force Sony to sell off the cell. This is good news for anyone that wants a blueray player.

PS3 120GB for $300 by the end of 08

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