Volition: 'We deal with limitations on a daily basis' with PS3 | Xbox 360

GamingBolt: "We recently got an opportunity to talk with Jameson Durrall, Lead Level Designer at Volition Games. We talked a lot about the upcoming Red Faction Armageddon and what gamers can expect when it goes in to retail.

Its a well known fact that the technology in PC gaming is increasing as time goes and the current generation of consoles are way behind, hence kind of restricting as to what game developers can do. This is one of the topics that we discussed with Durrall."

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fluffydelusions2779d ago

I'm pretty sure everyone is aware of console limitations at this point.

death2smoochie2779d ago


"Uncharted Tech says hi"

Yes "tech" that has no destructible environment. No real time lighting. Low floating point precession for HDR that dates back to 2003 for PC GPU's.
Low resolution textures because of 512 megs of memory.
Sorry to inform you but consoles ARE limited and more and more devs are not afraid to say this. Most of them are getting tired of having to do "workarounds" and other hacks to get results.

Ducky2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

He already got flagged for trolling, so just move on.

It's not like you'll be able to change his mind anyways.

ComboBreaker2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

"Yes "tech" that has no destructible environment."

Uncharted 3. Destructible environment.

"No real time lighting."
Even Unchated 2 already have radiosity lighting.

"Low resolution textures because of 512 megs of memory."

And yet, it looks better than most of the newest PC games.

"Volition: 'We deal with limitations on a daily basis' with PS3/Xbox 360."

The limitation is only in their skills. Compare their game to Uncharted 3 and you can clearly see it's Volition's skills that are lacking, not the PS3 or the 360.

death2smoochie2779d ago


That destruction is SCRIPTED destruction. Gears 2 has this type of destruction. Uncharted 3 does not have destruction like BF3 or Red Faction.
And Uncharted 2 Has many scenes that are low resolution. ALL CONSOLE games suffer from this. From Gears, to Uncharted to KZ3 to Crysis 2 to God of War 3..All console games suffer from having low resolution textures. You showed me one area with good textures...there are MANY areas in Uncharted 2 like the rest of console games that have low res textures.
That's simply because of 512 megs of memory.

TheTruth892779d ago ShowReplies(3)
Jacobster2779d ago

Don't you think if developers had more memory etc they would never finish their game? Or just make some sloppy mess of ideas? I think it's good to have limitations to work with so optimization can take place more efficiently and timely?

KwietStorm2779d ago

Yea your point isn't something that hasn't been said by some developers already. I think I read Sony Santa Monica, David Jaffe, and Insomniac devs talking about developing for consoles either later in their lifetime or just after getting a hold on them, saying that it's almost a relief knowing exactly how big the box is, so you know how far you can push, rather than having no limits with no confines, which can make it tough to have a clear path in mind.

But of course at the same time, some of the perfectionists and super creative minds wouldn't mind more wiggle room either. I don't think Kojima and Yamauchi would ever actually be content with hardware at any given time.

Godmars2902779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Simply put, you don't make games good enough to be complaining about systems limitations - So shut your pie hole.

[email protected]: No, good enough to buy, but if they're going to complain about limitations, then they need to make a PC title to show what they can actually do.

As far as I know they've only worked on console platforms, done games that at best were okay though they did a few tricks, so they have no real examples to show that they can do better. Especially in other terms of making games like plot, story and character development or portrayal.

KwietStorm2779d ago

I was just about to say limitations, as in making a game worth my money?

kancerkid2779d ago

RFG has some of the best emergent gameplay of this generation with their fully destructible environments.

Just because you don't like their games doesn't mean that they cannot express their opinion, which in all liklihood is more informed than yours, because, yah know, they actually program games and are not fanboys.

thebudgetgamer2779d ago

i personally think it's more impressive for a dev to make something awesome on a closed off console than it is to make something awesome on a wide open pc.

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