Atlus reveals sexy Catherine "Love is Over" Deluxe Edition, pre-order bonuses, release date

ATLUS, generally considered the sexiest publisher around, today revealed pre-order bonus items and a limited run deluxe edition for Catherine, its upcoming action-adventure/puzzle game from the makers of the award-winning Persona series, coming this summer for PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system (PS3™) and Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft.

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Baka-akaB2753d ago

I usually love Atlus collectors , but this is kinda just turning me off lol ...

I'll just keep the regular ps3 one

Istanbull2753d ago

I still want a SMT Digital Devil Saga 3 or Nocturne 2 exclusively on PS3.

crxss2753d ago

If the Collector's edition comes with the Original Box arts i'll get it, it's it's the cropped photoshop'd ones i'll pass on both editions.

hintonmj2752d ago

@ crXss: You don't have to get the Collector's edition for the Original Box art. The regular version gives you all the good extras anyway, the soundtrack and art book.

It's $2 off at Amazon right now if you pre-order. I love their release day shipping.

Reibooi2753d ago

Yeah gotta agree with you Baka. The stuff in this deluxe set isn't really useful or anything. I mean no one is gonna wear it(or use the pillowcase) and you can't really display them or anything. The coolest thing about it is the pizza box it comes in.

The soundtrack and artbook on the other hand are great everyone likes a good art book with concept art and character artwork in it and if you like the soundtrack then having the disc is awesome.

A deluxe set needs to have stuff that's either useful(like a art book or soundtrack) or displayable like the Raidou Jackfrost that came with the Devil Summoner deluxe set.

Baka-akaB2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Yup and i dont mind the disagree . I just find the bonus tacky and unappealing .

There is a personal line for me to not cross ... and those pillows and boxers are .

i'll just get the artbook and soundtrack separately

Infernostew2753d ago

100% agree with you. I was real excited to see what the items were, what a let down. Give me a soundtrack or artbook. Clothing has to be the worst extra they can give you.

noxeven2753d ago

gonna preorder that just gotta see if its just at there site or not

Highatus2753d ago

It may be tough for some not to drool on that pillow case, sleeping or not.

BubbleSniper2753d ago ShowReplies(1)
Redempteur2753d ago

i sure don't want to wear this t-shirt ..not outside nor at home

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The story is too old to be commented.