Top Five Franchises That “Project Cafe” Must Have

This year at E3 we will all be blessed with the unveiling of Nintendo’s latest piece of hardware, tentatively titled “Project Café.” This has all but been guaranteed from the company itself as we have seen an out pour of specs and information regarding every facet of the system. It seems they will be leaping into the next generation first and this time it could be a couple of years before we see the competition make the next step.

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BlmThug2730d ago

They will obviously still milk mario, pokemon and zelda and put out rehash after rehash so done

NESpower2730d ago

They (Nintendo) have had the #1 franchise for the past 25 years so don't be jealous Mario stomps on little koopa troopers (haters).

BlmThug2730d ago

Your going by sales and meta scores, im going by quality, uniqueness, innovation & graphics

NESpower2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

I'm going by how 25 years later, Mario's latest; Super Mario Galaxy 2 won the Best Gameplay BAFTA. Far as I'm concerned, the best award of the night. Quality is obvious.

jacksonmichael2730d ago

"im going by quality, uniqueness, innovation & graphics"

... Right, because these things clearly aren't reflected by sales or reviews whatsoever...

Face palm.