iRacing - How to Correctly Set Your FOV (Field of View)

An iracing member has written an extremely useful guide on how to correctly set up your field of view for each car in the sim. If you're having trouble with your times and cornering, check this out

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soundslike2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

In case any gt5 guys wander in here, GT5 has FOV presets in the pause menu:

Wide- what your eyes see but not how (fish eye, also default)

Extra Zoom - How your eyes see but not what (zoomed in but more natural looking, less stretching)


Zoom- in between the two extremes

Wide is fine for short tracks with lots of low speed turns, but for something like Nordschleife, you're going to want to zoom in, it will help you DRASTICALLY. Like the PDF says, you'll notice the once super narrow passages feel much wider than you expected.

simulationworld2729d ago

Agreed - this info is good for any game with an adjustable fov