Iwata discusses lack of third-party success on Wii, cooperate with software devs for Project Cafe

Satoru Iwata was asked to comment on Nintendo’s inability to attract third-parties for the Wii at the company’s financial results briefing last week.

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slavish32725d ago

nintendo's not new to the market you think they would have already understood this!

MostJadedGamer2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

They do understand. The problem is they cann't do anything about it.

There reputation of 3rd party games not selling on there consoles, and of Nintendo console owners not wanting 3rd party games is so well established, and entrench edthat it is impossible for Nintendo to get even decent 3rd party support.

Its been that way for 3 straight generations despite the Wii being hands down the market leader. Most of the 3rd party games released on the Wii sold like garbage which will further make 3rd parties totally reluctant to support Nintendo consoles in the future.

jacksonmichael2725d ago

That's actually a good point (for once...). The last time they had a third party game that could really compete with their games was on the SNES, with Street Fighter ii and a number of JRPGs.

FredEffinChopin2725d ago

Back then they were like any normal console, with 3rd party exclusives far outnumbering the first party ones, which is the way it's supposed to be. That was all over with N64, and it never returned. Unless this new console focuses more on hardware and doesn't have wacky controls that every game is required to use, that probably won't change either.

blumatt2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

"with 3rd party exclusives far outnumbering the first party ones, which is the way it's supposed to be."
Why is that the way it's supposed to be??? Am I getting a hint of anger that a certain company, that shall not be named, doesn't know how to buy first party studios to get first party exclusives? lol
Either way, I'm excited for this new Nintendo. Maybe they'll get rid of those ridiculous friend codes. haha Those were annoying.

FredEffinChopin2725d ago

I'm not angry at all (stop trying to play psychologist, you're not smart enough), I'm stating the way it should be. The word exclusives didn't need to be in there, it could just be games. There should never be a ratio of first party to third part like the Wii had. Why? Well, let's see, there are hundreds of game developers out there, and only one maker for any given console. If first party games make up (just to try a number on for size here) 25% of the consoles offerings, it means:

a) The console manufacturer is pumping out titles at such an alarming rate that all the developers in the world can't keep up with them.


b) There aren't many third party developers making games for the console.

Take a stab at it Einstein. Developers couldn't and can't make a buck on the Wii, leading to a shortage of games, leading to loss of interest, leading to having to come out with a new console years ahead of everyone else.

Does it make sense, now that I did your thinking for you?

FredEffinChopin2725d ago

This as they make moves to scrap the Wii altogether once the new console is announced. Way to show support.

Knushwood Butt2725d ago

They do this every time, yet some people still lap it up.

Just look at upcoming first party DS games. Can you name one?

Watch Skyward Sword end up on the new console.

Kamikaze1352725d ago

I thought it just had to do with the Wii being weak and developers not wanting to work on essentially two games when really working on one(bringing one to HD consoles and one to the Wii).

Baka-akaB2725d ago

We've heard this every last times now . i'll just buy it as usual for games i want , and if it truly happens then all the better , if not ? i still have those nintendo games i buy the consoles for and a decent amount of 3rd party stuff .

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