Microsoft takes on Wii with 360 Arcade

Xbox boss Robbie Bach talks up new SKU as casual gaming contender

A new $279 Arcade pack will include a wireless controller and several casual titles including Pac-Man, Uno and Luxor 2, reports

"Arcade becomes [for us] the ability to bring in a new set of audiences," said Bach."

"They're probably a little bit more casually focused, they're looking for a new family experience or they're more price focused."

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Dannagar4071d ago

If Microsoft wants to take on Wii with 360 Arcade, they are going to need to drop the price to $250, just like Wii. They should consider packing in Viva Pinata and Kameo.

rubarb234071d ago

or keep it at that price and for god sakes, frigg'n add the hdd already.

Jinxstar4071d ago

This is stupid. It should not be the market they are aiming for. Thats the Wii Market. MS should stick to hardcore. Its what they do best.

BIGBAER4070d ago

Instead of viewing the new sku as a watered-down version, the Arcade 360 console takes on a different and casual-gamer targeted identity.

Since a hardrive can be added at any time, the new Arcade 360 turns out to be an excellent entry-level purchase.

It also shows the major difference between Sony's and Microsoft's marketing. The new Arcade 360 just the original entry-level 360. Microsoft adds a memory card along with some arcade games, swaps the wired contoller for a wireless, packs in a new box that is appealing and shows the arcade console's value. Smart. Nice marketing too!

Sony on the other hand keeps shifting skus; dump the 20, slash the 60, add the 80, eliminate the 60 and finally offer a stripped-down, zero-backwards compatability 40gb console that has NO positives except for price.

Again, MS took its low-end console and dressed it up and moved it firmly into casual-gamer land.

Sony? Well they took their low-end unit, stripped it of its backwards compability feature and several hardware features and bumped the hd up to 40gb. Did they come up with a catchy name or target the new sku towards a specific audience? Nah! It's just the new stripped down PS3.

If nothing else, Sony has proven once again that they are CLUELESS when it comes to marketing. Sad, really.

AtlREMF3114071d ago

The games he mentioned are actually demos, not full games. It states that on the box...

bung tickler4071d ago

umm no. you couldnt be more wrong. they are full games that come a on physical disk.

duarteq4071d ago

"A new $279 Arcade pack will include a wireless controller and several casual titles including Pac-Man, Uno and Luxor 2, reports"

The mighty proclaimed hardcore game console with demos of retro ? nice going. I can put more 120 $ and buy the new model of PS3. X360, no way

bung tickler4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

yes, you could spend MORE money to have LESS and overall CRAPPIER games to play ( )... sure that's a good idea. loser.

AtlREMF3114071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

Then why does it say Demos of the games on the box as reported by Kotaku the other day? Typo?

they even showed a picture of the box stating it was demos not full games... Please don't kill the messenger. I just want to make sure its accurate.

rubarb234071d ago

i also saw that it included demos not full games, which would made it a crap deal.

bung tickler4070d ago

you get those FULL games PLUS there are five other demos on the game disc. read the box closer... it says PLUS five.. the other game are like marble blast and some others chech here if dont belive me