Is The New Nintendo Console Called "Feel"?

A rumour has been uncovered that the new Nintendo console will be called Feel and will feature a touch screen control pad that simulates various textures and materials.

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HeavenlySnipes2728d ago

That sounds like the Worst Console name ever. (improper capitalization necessary Grammer Nazis -__-)

lociefer2728d ago Show
Wenis2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

*Goes into Gamestop*

Hey can you give me a feel?

Bereaver2728d ago

Uhhhh, wasn't everyone saying that "Wii" was a terrible name before? lol

Colmshan19902728d ago

It sounds bad, but then again the Nintendo Wii?
Who believed that name until it was announced by Nintendo?

dgroundwater2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

Pretty much. "Can you give me a Wii?" Like a billion people can say that so is it much of a stretch to say "Feel".

xabmol2728d ago Show
xabmol2726d ago

I was reported as immature?

Facts are immature?! o_O

Spitfire_Riggz2728d ago

Just that name would make me "feel" like they forgot about the hardcore

coxy2727d ago

I think regardless of what the console's called, if the technology inside the box is good and the games library is up to the task, hardcore gaming crowds aren't going to reject the console.

On the other hand, the casual gamers are the ones that would be so fickle. If Nintendo still want to keep up their family-friendly appearance, they're going to have to run with a name and a brand that sucks ass from a hardcore POV, but still invites parents to buy their children a games console without being scared of showing them Grand Theft Auto-like scenes that they read about in the tabloids.

I hope the name isn't 'Feel' - because that sounds crap - but at the same time, I don't think Nintendo's target with branding is going to be hardcore gamers.

matey2728d ago

I agree but if the controllers are called FEEL and console is called STREAM ill be very happy.

FEEL Controllers

Zydake2727d ago

Wow Nintendo knows how to pick'em

yavorsv2727d ago

isnt this a rumor ? douchbag

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Shok2728d ago

Fake, God forbid this is true. A screen, let alone a touch screen, in a controller already makes it expensive enough, but one that can simulate textures would, push it over $100, Id imagine.

ChickeyCantor2728d ago

Lost in translation?
Sounds more like Touch then...

Scyrus2728d ago

wow, first people Saying Im gonna go play with my wii didnt sound bad enough, combined with the jerking motion of some games like Wario shake.

now the next console is called the feel....lmao

people will be saying "I love the feel!" nintendo is so kinky :P

and i know this is just rumored but still lol

soren2728d ago

how is feeling kinky T.T?

kesvalk2728d ago

remember the userbase age mate...

in this age, the only feeling they have is kinky...

Scyrus2728d ago, lmao, LOL. its inky because its meant for children.

one time sexual innuendo could be passed as an accident, but twice in a row when its geared toward children or family friendly......thats just on purpose

ChickeyCantor2728d ago

Its actually innocent when its meant for children.
And no Nintendo isn't just going for children, this is a flaw gamers make ( well at least immature gamers).

soren2727d ago


Led-Zeppelin2728d ago

How would feeling textures be relevant in games such as racing and FPS? Doubt this is true.

nirwanda2728d ago

haptic tech has been around for a while now try using your phone with it turned off and tell me it doesn't make a difference to the feedback you get from the touch screen, just look at the diffence rumble on a pad has made to fps when you get hit, or a racing game when you start to lose grip and just think of it as just an extension of that.

Led-Zeppelin2728d ago

Yeah but feeling how something is smooth or rough doesn't seem to help anybody.

soren2728d ago

lets stop the fps thats what will be best for all game company's

ChickeyCantor2728d ago

Why is that people always pretend stuff is made just to be there? Of course they did some tests, run several concepts etc etc.

nirwanda2728d ago

@led-zeppelin the do it already with rumble in pads aready for change in surfaces in driving games why do you think so many people complained when they removed the rumble from the original ps3 pad as people didn't like the loss of feedback from the pad from gettin shot or change in road surface.

Led-Zeppelin2728d ago

Yeah I know that bro but thats rumble this is "feeeling". Rumble isn't the same as actually feeling the surface of something, all rumble does is shake your controller. Two different things, rumble just moves your controller, in this "feel" you have to touch the screen to feel different "Textures and materials" that's not even close to rumble. Doubt this is true in the first place.

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Nes_Daze2728d ago

*sigh*, how does Nintendo get away with this..

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