GameInsider: SOCOM 4: US Navy Seals Review

Still sporting the 3rd person shooter perspective, SOCOM 4 comes at you with a strong military narrative seamlessly blended into a gameplay experience where achieving the battlefield advantage over the enemy is the name of the game. Mixed with an impressive visual presentation, voice acting and character animations that are realistically portrayed, Zippers return to their popular military shooter franchise is a solid offering, despite some unbalanced shoot-outs, occasional mis-fires in squad commands and the frustrating camera angles that sometimes wants to force you into a first person perspective without the aid of peripheral vision.

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ExposingLames2752d ago

LMAO 8/10 for this trash? talk about not having any standards.....or game insider just sucks period.

kenkaniff2752d ago

The game is not trash. Co-op mode is quite fun.

MmaFan-Qc2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

maybe YOU just suck and are and doesnt have any standards for acting like a sheep and bending over to receive review scores (aka...a dude opinion) up the ass without even playing it yourself?

the game is all about the MP, the sp is simply a small bonus.

Hedberg2752d ago

This game deserves scores from 8.5 to 9.5 easily. The people that hate it either have not played it or suck at it.

The singleplayer, coop, and multiplayer are different than the old Socoms, but not too different....the game has just evolved and is a lot of fun. Socom is not dead by any means. Socom 4 is just a step in the right direction for the series.

It is a fresh take on an old franchise and it deserves a lot more respect than it has been getting.

admiralvic2752d ago

I love how people believe so many conflicting things...

Changing it up = automatically better even if its not.
Innovation is dead = I only play mainstream and several and very limited titles.

Socom 4 is an interesting idea. It is also very different than a lot of shooters I've played. However the way it's designed is quite counter productive. Play the game on elite if you're interested... Poor commands, dumb AI, and enemies quickly locking onto you become very apparent.

For anyone who might reply that I just suck at Socom 4... I did beat elite =.=

Ju2751d ago

It has its faults, no doubt about it.

But it does not deserve to be criticized to death. We got other examples of know franchise with much bigger troubles which never got a treatment like this.

It is a first (!) step in the right direction. Socom needs to be re-established. It is the first next gen Socom in a long time.

I agree, a more complex command structure and better (friendly!) AI would be appreciated.

Lock on to you does not generally apply, IMO. For snipers this might be true. And those guys you cannot track down - almost looks like they got clipped away by the depth culling. Enemy sniper range is insane.

Elite is crazy. That they don't only shoot at you is prove by how often your team mates actually die (or are getting injured) in that mode.

Could it be better? Of course it could.

Is there anything available which IS actually a better tactical shooter today? I doubt it.

ExposingLames2752d ago

"Zipper has raised the bar on the SOCOM series with SOCOM 4"

"the online flavor of SOCOM 4 brings back those old-school gameplay memories when the idea of a respawn was non-existent. Not perfect but certainly a leap for the series"


kenkaniff2752d ago

You couldn't condense all of your hate to one post?

thebudgetgamer2752d ago

seems like you should add an r to your name.

James Vanderbeek2752d ago

cant wait for the psn to go back up.. i need some bomb squad

kenkaniff2752d ago

Fun? I have yet to try that mode.

MidnytRain2752d ago

Bomb Squad is my favorite game mode. It has some of the most intense firefights and requires cooperation on everyone's part. I like the fact that you may have to give your life in order to secure the Bomb Tech's safety. Also, it's cool how the shootouts themselves follow the Bomb Tech. In the beta, Zipper released a patch that causes all players' icons to appear as hollow outlines, making the solid icon of the Bomb Tech easy to see. I can't wait for PSN to go live.

Yardie2752d ago

In my opinion, the single player is beyond boring, it is so bad, that it brings down my overall view of the game.

i only bought this game because of the multiplayer, and since PSN is down, im pissed

younglj012752d ago

you know you can make ur own missions right?I have 5 different Missions written down and only been able to complete 1 of them.

5 different story modes 20 different missions.what other game can say that.Those are my customs missions and I'm proud of all of them.

Hopefully some of my friends is up to tha challenge.If you enjoy playing shooters online.Socom 4 should be in ur PS3.Even with tha PSN outage I was still facing complex enemys.

Hopefully all this practice makes me a beast online ;)

Ju2751d ago

There is a note to Zipper, btw: Please make it so, I can save custom missions! Currently you have to start over from scratch if you restart the game.

Same for Re-Deploy! Does not save check points! Paleeaasseee. Just some trivial things...fix would be appreciated. thx

Allowen2752d ago

I am having fun with it so far on the single player mode.
Still haven't had the chance to try the coop online/MP modes since the PSN was down for a while.

The strongest point by far of this game IS the COOP .
I am sure I will end playing this coop online game a lot more then KZ3 's uber ONLINE coop (joke).

Coop online for the win !

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