Japanese PSN Is Not Live

There are rumours circulating that apparently Japanese Playstation owners now have access to the PSN. These have been mentioned on predominantly western websites and have managed to rapidly spread to mixed reactions. Some are happy that this must mean Sony are almost ready to relaunch the service in EU and US territories, others are angry that they've been left behind.

Multiple sites citing Facebook and Twitter messages as their source have done nothing to slow down any of these rumblings.

The rumours, however, are completely fake. At least according to multiple Japanese Playstation owners.

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xc7x2725d ago

"off with their heads"!! **chop**....rolls...

Winter47th2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

All I wanted to do was play Mortal Combat & Portal online sniff *jumps off mountain* TELL SARah i said sor*SPLAT*

BombDrop2725d ago

Same here m8,i bought mk on day 1 and yet to get online,really wanna see king of the hill mode.

X-DominusRebellis-X2725d ago

Me too! I also wanted to continue with BC2!

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NatureOfLogic2725d ago ShowReplies(2)
xAlmostPro2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

Erm where's this guys source for japanese people not actually being able to connect?..

Because he can't connect from his region? lol.. Remember when you/we get back on PSN we have a new firmware update waiting for us.

There's many japanese people tweeting etc saying it's live and stuff

matgrowcott2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

Japanese people?

As good a source as any.

The problem we're having here is I've seen more actual Japanese sources saying that the PSN is still down than sources saying it's up.

In fact, I haven't seen ANY genuine Japanese sources saying it's up.

So what are YOUR sources?

xAlmostPro2725d ago

Japanese people? oh he has associates in japan?..

My sources come from other articles showing tweets and status updates fromtwitter/facebook.

HolyOrangeCows2725d ago

So one source says it IS because of twitter posts and another says it ISN'T because of twitter posts.

Thank you, internets. So helpful.

matgrowcott2725d ago


My sources aren't only from Twitter (although I used an example in the comments over at the site, because I happened to be on it at the time).

Just go ahead and take a look at more or less any worldwide message board. The Americans are complaining the PSN is up in Japan, the Japanese are saying it's not.

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ginganinja2725d ago

I was under the impression PSN is (or at least was) a worldwide service - i.e. everywhere is on or off at the same time.
Hence when scheduled maintenance occurs it's always in the evening here in the UK/Europe - if they could turn our section off independently surely they'd pick a quieter time.

sourav932725d ago

Yh the psn has multiple servers in different regions. Although they are linked by a mother server, they have their own regional servers, hence, the region based PS store content. I'm guessing since sony is a japanese company Japan would get priority.

-MoOkS-2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

Nope. PSN is different in all areas.

The PS store content varies greatly depending on your region. Some regions dont even have movie or music streaming, or they miss out on half of the content other regions get. It's very different to xbox live - which is a far more equal service for ALL nationalities. LIVE doesn't discriminate

Im sure I read somewhere that they have servers in san francisco, I doubt they would use that server to provide for their Japanese consumers. So yeah, different servers for different regions

EDIT: Troll? please tell me which part of my about information is false.........

TreMillz2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

how is PSN discriminating? because not all regions have the same content? You do realize its because of different regions that content varies. For example EU gets Vidzone but US doesn't? Know why? Because the EU based Record labels allow it. Do you know how much Universal, Atlantic, Def Jam, etc would charge Sony?

radphil2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

"It's very different to xbox live - which is a far more equal service for ALL nationalities. LIVE doesn't discriminate "

Really? Cause last I checked we get gimped out on some demos that JPN got, and we don't have the same content in every region.

If you're going to undermine something, use something on an ACTUAL basis.

Live works the same way PSN does in terms of region and content.

stevenhiggster2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

Live doesn't discriminate?
It's only the most homophobic network in the world.

People in different regions have different tastes too, I wouldn't want half of the stuff that is on the Japanese PSN.

Emilio_Estevez2725d ago


very different to xbox live - which is a far more equal service for ALL nationalities. LIVE doesn't discriminate

that's not true at all- same thing, different regions have different things b/c different people like different things

Scary692725d ago

This comment makes you a troll and an idiot "It's very different to xbox live - which is a far more equal service for ALL nationalities. LIVE doesn't discriminate." It also makes you sound like you have no common sense. Now fly away!

ikkeweer2725d ago

@DrStabwounds it's not just because people like different things, it's mostly due to laws. Try watching Hulu in Europe, you can't, unless you go through an american IP.

MysticStrummer2725d ago

Anyone reading your comments in these PSN articles knows you're a troll. This time it's your assertion that XBL content is the same in all regions, which it's not.

CernaML2725d ago

" It's very different to xbox live - which is a far more equal service for ALL nationalities. LIVE doesn't discriminate "


I'm going to import a Japanese Xbox 360 game and try playing it on my North American Xbox 360. Oh wait.

You try too hard, Mooks. Sad really.

WitWolfy2725d ago

That dude who said XBL caters beter than PSN is dead wrong im on XBL South Africa and I can a sure you we havent got a 1/10 of the stuff the Uk/Us have

Legion2725d ago


Sorry but you are incorrect. Having traveled in many different countries with my XBox I can tell you that many regions offer very little.

Currently my region does not support movies nor music streaming. Hudu is great... but I can't use it here. ESPN... no go, not available. Netflix... lucky I have a PC with ip forwarding capabilities... as for on my XBox... no go.

Only real thing I get for my Gold is online play and some daily news. Lucky I play enough online to make it worth my while.

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claterz2725d ago

I'm sure Sony will notify everyone shortly before they are turning PSN back on.
Can't wait to play some Portal 2 co op.

matgrowcott2725d ago

I think that is the biggest giveaway here, actually. Twitter and Facebook apparently know that the Japanese PSN is online, but Sony Japan doesn't.

Pillville2725d ago

They won't notify anyone right away. They will turn it on and let users start to trickle in and see if there any problems.

If there are problems, they shut it off again and only a few will have ever noticed.

If there are no problems, they start sending announcements.

Rybakov2725d ago

you dont have a friend you can invite over and play split screen? that option still exists you know they use to do it on consoles before and friends would get together with there systems and tvs and spend all night playing games together system linking know toss back a few drinks, order some take out, then after a couple hours go town to the closest pool or lake in the middle of the night......good times good times

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