100% software based flashing of Xbox 360 BenQ drive confirmed

According to a firmware hacking channel, a topic was posted on Tuesday which stated that a 100% software based flashing solution for the BenQ drive has been confirmed.

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bym051d4018d ago

So what is the benefit of doing this?

titntin4018d ago

You can play copied games on flashed firmware machines.

One of the reasons 360's sell well in certian quarters is because its hacked and you can pirate the games. Its quite possible to have 140 titles without a single original. Though I'd never approve of course <cough, cough, embaressed shuffle>

The PS3 has proved unhackable so far.

FordGTGuy4018d ago

Are you kidding? The PS3 was hacked within the first couple days.

BIadestarX4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

"The PS3 has proved unhackable so far. " yet... the PS3 software attack rate is so low compared to the xbox 360 and the xbox 360 have record software attach rate...

How is that possible?

How come a hacked machine where people don't need to buy the games is able to sell more games than one that "proved unhackable"?

It's obvious that the xbox 360 being hackable have no effect on software attack rate... which is the biggest worry when it comes to piracy. There will always be piracy.. hackers will always target the product most people use. The system with the most games.. the system worth hacking... If you would to hack the PS3 what games would you copy... lair?

The xbox 360 unlike previous console is a connected platform... all games support some level of xbox live integration... risking getting NOT your console only banned but your account is something that most gamers would not want.

This may be hard to understand for PS3 owners... but creating another account, losing your gamescore, game purchases, friend list, movie purchases and not being able to connect online is not worth messing with your console for... specially in todays time where you can simply subscribe to NetFlix and never have to buy a game if you can't aford it.

Another point I would like to make is hacking does not always hurt the hardware maker... why do you think Sony make the PSP so hackable? They already hacked the slim PSP! Lots of people buy the PSP just to hack it. and it does not matter at all... most PSP games are disconnected.. and online are not needed.

I currently have 2 PSP... one hacked! that I run homebrew apps..and games... (games I own.. hehe)...

I hacked my PS1... and burn games like there is no tomorrow... why? because it didn't matter.. who cares... no online connectivity...
But I would never hacked a 360 or PS3.. not worth it... besides.. now I have a job.

Skerj4018d ago

PS3 has not been hacked yet, they've found a TIFF exploit that so far allows you to do stuff that the system does anyway. As far as the 360 being hacked more and getting banned from live. I know several people who play game backups on Live and their systems and accounts are intact, they've found a way around it. Goes to show kids, if one man can make it, another man can break it.

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games4fun4018d ago

i think that they just hacked an xbox360 and can emulate it using software alone. Which is big news in the hacking world for games.

titntin4018d ago

No mate - extreme firmware is for playing copied games. Check any public torrent site to see how common piracy on the 360 is.

Traditionally, you have had to open the 360 and plug it into a PC with a suitable sata connector - software flashing means you don't need to do this.

The BenQ dvd drive was unflashable, which meant anyone who had this drive could not modify the firmware and play pirated games. Looks like that situation has changed which once agian means you can hack any 360 not matter which dvd drive it uses.

games4fun4018d ago

thx for the explanation. ill give you an agree.

samme4018d ago

The geeks can do it well :) bubbles for them!

mcgrawgamer4018d ago

This happened with the dreamcast as well. people hacked the dreamcast but for some reason refused to hack the ps2? Sad really that you would hack one machine over the other just for the sake of not giving another company royalties. However once the dreamcast was hacked they did turn their sites to sony now the ps2, and psp are extremly modded. I guess hackers like to save the best for last, for lack of a better term???

Skerj4018d ago

Hah dude the PS2 is hacked and modded to all hell. It was the PS2, Ken Kutaragi, and Sega who killed the dreamcast, not piracy. There was a documentary on G4 a while ago talking about the PS2 and DC days and some of the Sega people were talking about the exact moment they said it was over and was going to deliver the message that they were ceasing support.

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