WipeOut HD now "coming soon"... seemingly loses some features

SCEA today issued a new fact sheet for WipeOut HD. The good news? The game is now listed as coming "soon". The bad? It looks like a few features have been dropped, in order to get it out quicker and probably cheaper.

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Coffin874019d ago

wtf. i was REALLY looking forward to this, but if this is true...
who wants a game with less features???

i think i'll have to wait for the REAL ps3-wipeout to come out, probably fall 08..

joydestroy4018d ago

yeah man, that blows chunks of ass.

Marceles4019d ago

Who cares about quicker and cheaper...we've waited this long already for it, we might as well keep waiting instead of having a crippled basic version of it. Just keep working on it Sony...

Swe_Goliath4019d ago

These pictures. how the Real Wipeout 2 ps3 will look like...
hahahhaha youst think about it :D


SmokeyMcBear4019d ago

hmmm.. so no elmimnation or head to head mode... no photo mode, and no website.. interesting, still 8 player online, which i think is the biggest draw, so uh sure

Skerj4019d ago

Looks like the 3 of the 4 things that got axed, I wouldn't have taken advantage of anyway. You know the website is going to come anyway and I'll bet you that the other modes will come later via download.

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The story is too old to be commented.