NXT Gamer: Operation Flashpoint: Red River Review

NXT Gamer's Oliver reviews Operation Flashpoint: Red River...

"I’ll make this clear from the very start- Operation Flashpoint: Red River is not Call of Duty. It’s not even Battlefield. This is not a game where you will find yourself rappelling down collapsing mountain tops, or single-handedly decimating an entire enemy base; rather, this is the game where you wait patiently 300 feet away from your target for them to show their faces, await confirmation of their position, and then pull the trigger, whilst simultaneously giving instructions to your team of three others and avoid getting shot yourself."

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Emilio_Estevez2753d ago

I'm getting this once it's in the bargain bin.

Ravenor2753d ago

It's Operation Flashpoint in name only.

Don't be fooled, Arma 2 is the only option for Modern day Mil Sims. It was JUST on sale on Steam for 7 dollars too, oh well.

k4rma2753d ago

The thing is, they arent selling it as a PC only soldier sim any more. So there isnt anything to be fooled by.

The devs said in many of the preview videos that it finds the middle ground between games like ArmA and games like CoD Modern Warfare.

Ravenor2753d ago

Then why even drag the Operation Flashpoint name through the mud? The friendly AI seems even worse then Dragon rising and it loses all of the open ended mission structure.

I'm not disagreeing that Codemasters was seeking some kind middle ground between the two. I just feel the game leaned far to heavily on the CoD part of the balance.