Modern Warfare 3 Revealed by Ghost Voice Actor?

Craig Fairbrass, the voice actor of Ghost in Modern Warfare 2, pretty much confirms Modern Warfare 3 on a radio show. "no but I've been out doing some bits and pieces and one of it's to do with err..." More after the jump.

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Cheeseknight282727d ago

In other news, game developers are still making video games.

aaabbbccc43242727d ago

please not a prequel, i want to continue the story with cpt.price and soap on the run

frjoethesecond2727d ago

Same as. I want MW story to end so I can finally leave COD for good.

aaabbbccc43242727d ago

why would they make modern warfare 3 a prequel? it just doesn't make sense. If its going to be a prequel then why did modern warfare 2 have a cliffhanger ending in the first place?

Dr Face Doctor2727d ago

This news is older than the internet.

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The story is too old to be commented.