‘SOCOM 4′ Single Player Review [Game Rant]

Game Rant writes, "For a lot of gamers, SOCOM 4 is a long time coming. As the purported return to form for a series that jumpstarted the PlayStation 2 online craze back in 2002, SOCOM, for many, is all about a combination of skill and teamwork. Though SOCOM’s real bread and butter is, and always has been, in its multiplayer, a certain incident with the PlayStation Network has prevented any decent play time with that element in SOCOM 4.

However, Zipper Interactive’s return to the series that started it all for them, promised not only to bring the multiplayer back to its roots, but to deliver a single player experience that was equally as rich and compelling. Did it succeed?"

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RankFTW2725d ago

I really enjoyed the single player in this game, sure the story wasn't the best but I had a blast playing it and Elite difficulty made me RAGE a few times which I like in games.

jriquelme_paraguay2725d ago

yeah.. i dont know why all SOCOM 4 are about whinning... lol


Knushwood Butt2725d ago

Yeah, playing and enjoying it now on Hard setting. It's pretty challenging, so I'm wondering how much harder Elite is going to be.

I'm not going to bother giving this site a hit. Zero point. I have the game and am perfectly happy with it.

The sound is excellent too.

RankFTW2725d ago

I first played through on Hard and it was quite challenging but Elite is a big step up in difficulty.

Ju2725d ago

Well, stick out your head once behind cover in Elite and your dead. About that. No squad no win, that's for sure.

MysticStrummer2725d ago

Elite is about to give me a damn stroke. Loving the game though. Can't wait for PSN to be back up.

El-Fenemeno12132725d ago

Wow 0.o. But yea I consider the single player a bonus, because online is the main attraction.

Solidestchimp2725d ago

The online has not been up since i got the game so i cant say yet lol :*(

El-Fenemeno12132725d ago

lol same position as you, but i mean socom was known for it's multiplayer

BX812725d ago

If online is the main attraction then this game is hurting. I hope they're taking this time that PSN is down to fix that horrid camera. Trying to cut the pie walking out of a door while in a small building will cause the camera to scale the wall, also the camera in general is too close to the player.

TukkerIntensity2725d ago

The camera distance is fine (some of the camera issues when in bushes or corners are less than fine). The only people who want the camera back even further are the people who corner camp like a champ.

hardcorehippiez2725d ago

rubbish i dont corner camp wot so ever but i want the camera back to the original socom view i want to be able to change shoulder and i want lean and peak. bring those back and your making a step in the right direction zipper. great game all the same . anyone scoring this below a 7 out of 10 has an agenda .

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The story is too old to be commented.