blipreview: SOCOM: Special Forces (PS3/Move)

Gamesblip writes: Strewth, we reckon these drongos are tryin’ to sound Australian. Ta to our cobbers at Sony for thinkin’ of us, but fair bite of the pineapple donut, there’s somethin’ like 22 and a half million of us bastards – couldn’t they find some fair dinkum Aussies? It’s a bloody outrage it is...

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KwietStorm2728d ago

I think this game just got new meaning.

Der_Kommandant2728d ago

This is a game pretending to be SOCOM

the_kutaragi_baka2728d ago

Yea man. it's not SOCOM at all anymore, plays more like a mix of Rainbow Six Vegas and CoD in 3rd person.

sleewok2728d ago

How did this get approved? So much junk on N4G now...