Dark Souls: Player alliance feature unveiled

GameBandits: Dark Souls is the successor to the PS3 exclusive RPG title Demon’s Souls. Although the creators of this RPG title have been quite secretive–of course, to heighten anticipation to build up sales, but also, we’re sure of more proprietary reasons, some info has been released

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PhoenixDevil2727d ago

An interesting feature idea, so instead of seeing all grey ghostly shadows some could have a tint of red signalling that there with an opposing faction and then there maybe you could challenge them while there close to you and whoever wins earns rewards from there factions.

Just speculation of how I think they could do it, any other idea? Also I'm totally pumped for Dark Souls :D

frostypants2727d ago

THIS is what next-gen gaming is all about. These sorts of innovative things get me FAR more amped up than the more mainstream stuff (e.g. the next CoD/Gears/etc.).

This is why Demon's Souls was so great. It was unlike ANYTHING we'd ever played. And it looks like they are doing it again. The fact that even the developer is conceding that there may be no true "safe zones" is awesome. That's the other thing than made Demon's Souls great: the constant anxiety.

This is going to be a watershed year for this generation of consoles.

DaTruth2726d ago

They should port both these games to NGP! They would sell me four games instead of two... and these are the only games I would do that with!

MysticStrummer2727d ago

Since Demon's Souls remains my favorite game of this generation so far, it's not as if I need more reason to be interested in Dark Souls, but this bit of info does sound cool.

fatalis952727d ago

it needs a system that lets you play with friends easier

Hellsvacancy2727d ago

I wanna be able to talk to my buddies

frostypants2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

NO. Demon's Souls was all about ATMOSPHERE for each individual playing it. Being able to jump in with your buddy and speak would have neutered it. Besides, if you wanted to play with a buddy, you just required a bit of coordination over PSN.

I'm not saying that Dark Souls should be this way or depends on the atmosphere they are working towards. But it was a ballsy move for them to put atmosphere ahead of friendliness in DS, and it was genius.

Demon's Souls wasn't meant to be a true multiplayer game. It was an experience with some multiplayer aspects seamlessly woven into it. The entire concept was that you were in a world with no friends.

DarkSpawnClone2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

i disagree respectfully when I'm playing with with blues or a few friends it would of been so great to jump on a mic and work out a strategy instead of stopping and pushing the psn button waiting for it to load and then go through your friends list and then send him a message and all while doing this pray to god you don't get invaded..the atmosphere is going to be there with or with out a mic i wouldn't want to hear Black phantoms tho just the blue phantoms and it would be so much easier..especially helping new players it so hard to do because you don't have that level of communication it's that or some other form of chat system with in the game it's self..some form of communication is really heavily needed, mic's being the best option.

fatalis952727d ago

ouch everyone just got trolled with a disagree

antauwnehart2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

Time to close up shop From software!
ninja blade 2/10 fail
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demon souls 1/10 fail
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Rybakov2727d ago

butthurt troll doesn't know how to play real games i see go back to call of dudebro with the rest of your 5 year old trolls

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