JD - Mortal Kombat Is A Bloody Great Return - Review

JD - The only draw back to the game is some of the cheap boss battles you have to endure. Some of these guys are nearly invincible, rattling off combos that you can't defend and ignoring your feeble attempts at mounting any kind of offense. But after a few spine-pretzeling defeats the game does ease up a bit. Plus, there are a total of five difficulties from beginner to masochist.

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antauwnehart2726d ago

humm? Another review fail nothing new here! Amateurs at their finnest grading another below average game high!

lochdoun2726d ago

I agree, this feels like a budget game.
It's no wonder why it dropped to $30 in 2 weeks.
The menu's look cheep, too many loading screens, bad tutorial system, cant skip cutscenes, and no manual. A fighting game with no manual is inexcusable!!!

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

thats why they put everything on the pause menu. I dont seem to remember having a move list in street fighter or tekken either.

MK haters are gonna hate, theres always Marvel vs Capcom 3, or Street Fighter Super Alpha Extreme Arcade 2 that will be released 6 months after the previous game releases that you can look forward to.

antz11042725d ago

AWWWWW, look at the 2 of you together, trolling like an old married couple:) You even copy/pasted the same fail comments!

MK is awesome, the move list in game is so much easier than the booklet anyway. Oh and if you don't like the cutscenes than don't play story mode. Problem solved.