What Would Make You Buy Nintendo’s Next Console?

Unreality MAG - In case you haven’t heard, it’s now official that Nintendo will be debuting their next console at E3, with a hopeful release this fall. The company has amassed a ton of cash from ridiculous amounts of Wii sales, so they have the capital to pump this new system full of hardware.

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Peaceful_Jelly2730d ago

Better graphics, Metroid and Zelda. =p

TurismoGTR2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )


Wii 2 > PS3 > XBOX360 > Wii > PS2 > Gamecube > XBOX > PSX > N64 > Dreamcast > SEGA Saturn > SNES > Super SNES > Ping Pong.

limewax2730d ago

Something you know nothing about is better than every other console on the market?

I bet you suck at blind dates and using ebay

Menech2730d ago

Is that meant to be a prospective of systems in terms of graphical proses because it's way off.

longcat2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

Better software prices for me. Nintendo games have a habit of retaining a very high price for extended periods.Eg:

The game is almost 4 years old

limewax2730d ago

Think thats bad? Give this one a whirl

Now that is a bit much

RedDead2730d ago

Gamecube was more powerful than Ps2, so was Xbox...SNES means super nintendo entertainment system. NES is what your thinking. SNES > NES....PSX was a ps3 with alot of extra features(I think).

Well maybe you mean your favourite consoles...which means your still wrong :)

pangitkqb2730d ago

I would love to play a truly Open-World Mario game. A huge, Mario world with different areas, tons of fun secrets, and more.

gaffyh2730d ago

Mature Zelda. Needs to be like GOW, then I'd consider it. Right now, thinking back when I had a Wii, all I can think of is how much of a waste of money it was.

soren2730d ago

whats all those names sopose to mean o.o

soren2730d ago

to gaffyh how isent zelda mature? it sure aint kiddie and like god of war? so it should turn to a action game? you do know zelda is not a action game right..? and noting should be like god of war ew and i hope u know god of war is not the first action game if im not mistaken that typ of action game was first done with the devil may cry/ soul reaver games not god of war and if link would run around killing things for no reason i wouldent by another zelda game again

gaffyh2730d ago

By mature, I mean blood and guts, more of an adult feel. I don't mean that the current Zelda's are for kids, it's one of my favourite games on the DS, and I'm not a kid. But for the console, I want something that is insanely different to what we've come to expect from Nintendo on the software side.

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ji32002730d ago

more like kinect but much much acurate better just like kinect mix with sony MOVE controller. what do you think people???

Thatguy-3102730d ago

holographic and or entering the game virtually.. something similar to the matrix or the spy kids 3 movie hahaha..Hopefully im still a live when that type of gaming experience is introduced

NukaCola2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

If it had HD graphics, an ID Name system online(No more friend codes) and a line up of games catering to the hardcore. I will still play my multiplats on PS3, but I want Nintendo to make new IPs for there system. And for the love of God, launching with a 60 frames 1080p Pikmin 3 would just make my day.

This Project Cafe has one worry though, the Wiimote, the Wiiware titles, and the last 30 years of gaming. How will it all transition. Backwards compadability? I would hope that the classic games can transfer and the option for Wiimoting is whatever to me. I wouldn't care if Nintendo started fresh and buried their past systems. They can't honestly have BC on the next system, can they? The Wii should end the first 30yrs of Nintendo and the next system can start the next 30 yrs. I want nothing held back on this one. They held back with the Wii, the 3DS is not really much of an advancment. Let them please break into the next phase of gaming. I will check out Project Cafe, but I am not getting the Wii2(aka Gamecube3D or what ever it will be called)

EDIT: This is also a friggin must have. Pokemon MMO! We have been wanting it for almost 13years. just give us a damn MMO online. Maybe something in just a Party of 6, and then we can meet up in Gyms, etc. Maybe every person makes a person badge and when other people defeat you they get yours or if you defeat them you get theirs.

jacksonmichael2730d ago

I don't get what you're saying. Do you mean they should abandon the Virtual Console idea? Personally, I'm still waiting for too many titles for that...

NukaCola2730d ago

No but the idea of holding onto the past consoles didn't allow the Wii to push forward. Plus I don't want the Wiimote to be part of the new system. I don't want gamecube ports, memeory card slots. I want those things all digital and the system to focus on progressing toward something more futuristic.

MostJadedGamer2730d ago

I have completely given up on Nintendo I cann't see a secnario where I would buy it. I have ZERO interest in there 1st party franchises(could care less abourt Zelda, Metriod, Mario or anything else they make), and there 3rd party support has been garbage for three straight generations despite being the market leader this generation. Thats something that is not going to change.

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IGAMEHARD2730d ago

if the graphics are noticeably better than PS3 and 360 i will definitely buy one of these bad boys, i havent owned a nintendo product since N64 was prevalent. Killer Instinct will be my guess as one of the launch titles for it.

iamnsuperman2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

Consider that i could only really buy one console next gen i am going to wait at most two To three years and see what microsoft or sony have to offer. I will get the one i see as thr better one especially in terms of potential. I am not going to hurry and rush buy this gen thats just bad consumerism

lazertroy2730d ago

Games and innovation. Im ready for virtual reality.

Wizziokid2730d ago

bring it up to the hardcore level like other consoles
otherwise I'll pass, I never really played the wii when i got it, since the novelty of the remote wore off anyway.

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