GameSpot - Men of War: Assault Squad Review

GameSpot - Serious challenge is what Men of War: Assault Squad is all about. This tactical real-time game from Digitalmindsoft is something of a crueler version of similar games such as Company of Heroes and Codename: Panzers. Like the original Men of War that became a cult hit in 2009, this take-no-prisoners sequel boasts a rigorous attention to realism geared toward confounding tank rushers with no understanding of combined-arms tactics.

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Psychotica2726d ago

Great game, too bad they didn't make the skirmish more like skirmishes from other games.

Saryk2726d ago

I love the skirmish mode in MOW:AS. I wish they would make more maps. However if you want the old type of maps you need to get the Dynamic Campaign generator mod........