Princess Peach saves herself, but I don't buy it

Bitmob writes "I really like this official Princess Peach T-shirt that I found at Toys “R” Us. I don't think I would look too good wearing it (it's a women's size), but I can certainly appreciate the playful message's challenge to gender norms. Assuming the designer of the garment means that the fair maiden is saving herself from oppressive captivity and not for her husband, I'm for it. The only problem I have with the idea of Peach's self-liberation, however, is that Nintendo's video-game track record doesn't really support this statement."

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Tired2815d ago

With all those gold coins he's collected over the years you would have thought Mario would at least shell out for some self defence classes.

coryok2815d ago

saves herself from what? hunger? did she cook something?

Sadie21002815d ago

Haha, your comment goes perfect with what that article's getting at. LOL

choadley2815d ago

I didn't get the two Toads in New Super Mario Brothers Wii either. It's not like the decision solved any potential arguments about who had to play as "the lame character."