The 12 Best Games For Flexing Your PC's Muscle

MaximumPC - You there, Yes, you. We can see it: you're glowing. Are you about to give birth to a brand new bouncing baby rig? That sounds terrifying. We usually build ours. Regardless, you can't just put that thing on your desk and let it gather dust. You need to show it off to everyone within a two-mile radius with an audiovisual assault that sends small woodland animals fleeing for higher ground. But where to start? There are so many games and so little time before your machine becomes completely obsolete.

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Oldman1002729d ago

Pc's are organisms with muscle tissue. Everyone's argument is now invalid.

Ducky2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

No mention of stalker?

Though most of those games are pretty tame. Throwing in a graphical-enhancement mod usually ramps things up.

fluffydelusions2729d ago

Or crysis 1 for that matter.

bumnut2729d ago

I thought Stalker was a poor looking game, even when maxed out.

antauwnehart2729d ago

I know one thing its not crysis 2! Trash console to pc port yuck I'm sick of these rubbish developers!

awiseman2729d ago

Correction: Rubbish Publishers. Crytek could easily have outdone Crysis 1 buy egay wouldnt have it

bumnut2729d ago

The 3d mode in Crysis 2 is average at best, not sure why it is listed.

joydestroy2729d ago

iunno, Metro 2033 is the only one on that list that makes mine kick the fans up a notch. the rest my rig cuts through like butta. DragonAge2 also, but that's poor code optimization on BioWare's part and needing better drivers in all honesty.

but even those games maxed @ 1080p... nooo problemo. makes me feel great about the hardware i picked out :p

KeiserSosay47882729d ago

What????? I played Bulletstorm on PC and while it looked really really good, I thought it was lacking graphically compared to Crysis 2....well, for the most part anyway. Seeing some of those "bad texture battles" on the Steam forums were a little....disappointing.

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