What game will recreate the death of Osama bin Laden?

On May 1, 2011; a US Military operation took out Osama bin Laden. Now as the world celebrates; gamers will soon be asking what game could recreate this historical moment.

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a_bro2731d ago

another bin laden article? lol, ok i'll play this game bitmob.

it will be a CS mod. it will take place at crackhouse. the T's will protect the VIP (which is OBL) and the seals will play as the CTs.

stanr2731d ago

f***; you mean other people have been writing the same thing.

xc7x2731d ago

should be on Socom 4 DLC.

a_bro2731d ago

it should LOL, especially since it was the seals that lit him up HAHA

-MoOkS-2730d ago

Not really, at least leave up to a game that is actually in a playable state.

My guess is some pc mod will do it first, like those jewish concentration camp games you see on the news

kneon2730d ago

What makes it's unplayable, apart from the online? I'm about 3/4 of the way through on elite and the only issue I've encountered is the camera sometimes going wonky when next to some objects. Other than that's it's worked just fine.

It seems to have a lot fewer bugs than most other supposedly AAA games.

dougr2730d ago

really? You haven't encountered the issue where the enemy always knows exactly where you are? I almost have a platinum for Socom, but the single player is frustrating and unrealistic. How about the fact that you are forced to run with a group of four retard's, that serve no purpose other than to give away your position when trying to be stealthy. Not to mention if you tell one of the teams to take down a target, they often times fail at doing that until the target alerts everybody on the level? I enjoy the multiplayer to an extent, but the single player is just awful a lot of the times.

Forbidden_Darkness2731d ago

I actually think a Medal of Honor game would do this, after all the first game took place in afghanistan and this would be a great way to have the franchise go.

metsgaming2730d ago

i agree medal of honor would make the most sense.

tdogchristy902730d ago

Medal of honor gets my vote. But yeah I love seeing historical events recreated in video games. It gives people an opportunity to understand history in a fun immersive way. So yes, I'd love to see this.

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The story is too old to be commented.