Atelier Meruru Trailer Released

JI writes: "This Trailer for Atelier Meruru has been released in anticipation of the PlayStation 3 exclusive RPG franchise making a return. The game is set to release June 23, 2011 in Japan and hopefully make an appearance in the United States some day as well."

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SpaceSquirrel2726d ago

Looks great. NIS America need to hurry up and bring this and Totori over.


looks like it will be an under rated gem.

Hitman07692726d ago

I know, why haven't we got more JRPGs released stateside >_>

Redempteur2726d ago

a real shame we haven't got more ..

but some are coming ... nis america did a good job so far with rorona, tonelico 3 and the disagaea .. and even SO.., , huge gems like xenoblade are coming . and namco seems to have finally understood what people feels about the TALES of series ..

Now we need to remind that to capcom / konami as well

Godmars2902726d ago

Sorry to say, but I'm tired of seeing these pseudo-open world lolita titles that have put more work into clothing design than character, story and plot development.

HeartDisease2725d ago

well the problem is you are seeing them not playing them. if you did you would see that the character design(by gust) is incredible. i would say the story design(again by gust) is not your typical run of the mill rpgs shit either. not sure what you want in a rpg story though. knight saves princess/world stuff? yeah you will have to find that elsewhere.

Godmars2902725d ago

No, the problem is I saw games like this on the PS2. The maps sort of got bigger with sparse pathways, while the characters only got younger and more simplistic with most having a mini game about cooking.

Everything is either this, or LOTR with nothing in between.

the_kutaragi_baka2726d ago

Characters look impressive. I wonder how strong Rorona is going to be.

Redempteur2726d ago

obviously STRONG .. WIth 2 pupils on her side and years of achemist experiments/exploration she is bound to be VERY strong .. there is almost no chance of her being a starting character even if she seems playable.

Lulabarbie2726d ago

I hope this makes it's appearance here soon!