Neocrisis: Halo: Reach Legendary Edition 50% Off

Neocrisis: Did you want to spend $150 for Legendary Edition? Now you can get it for 50% off. I saw a few of them at my local Best Buy. I do not know if its in all stores or not.

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jazzking20012818d ago

still dont plan on buying it
even if it has a greater discount
just lots of unusable stuff

Lamarthedancer2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

If anyone could tell me where to get it cheap and brand new in the UK would be apperichate it

jazzking20012818d ago

thing is
i do not know if it was a single store or ALL stores

KillerPwned2818d ago

These halo legendary editions seem to never sell a lot or MS just makes Bungie make a shit ton. Then you see stuff like this happening to get rid of stock.

jazzking20012818d ago

i thought only a limited number were made.

KillerPwned2818d ago

That is what marketing says but i always see a ton of these along with the Halo 3 legenday editions laying in the back of shops waiting to be sold.

When i worked at gamestop we had more legendary editions then normal copies of halo 3.

The fact of being limited is just my personal opinion.