Microsoft offering Gears of War 3 beta codes to share with your friends

Some of your friends missing out on the Gears of War 3 beta while you sit back and enjoy yourself? Well on May 8th you could receive up to 5 Gears of War 3 beta codes to share with your friends via Microsoft.

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hudsoniscool2729d ago

i got into the beta on the 18th. my brother got his through expertzone. he transfered his account onto my hardrive looked into his marketplace history and downloaded the beta. he then transfered it back and w been playing ever since. he also did that with some of his friends.

xPhearR3dx2729d ago

I got the beta on the 15th along with about 20 codes :P

hudsoniscool2729d ago

im not trying to glout. im just saying how i cheated the system.

xPhearR3dx2729d ago

lol I'm just messing with you man.

Schism202729d ago

20 codes? Could i get one of those?

sukru2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

This is nice news, more codes to go around means more chance I'll eventually get one.

Btw, if anyone has an extra, I'd be glad to join in. :)

xPhearR3dx2729d ago

Me along with the rest of the authors of my site (the one in this article) will be getting a handful of codes from this promotion. If you want to check back on our site come May 8th we will be having a giveaway. Unfortunately I won't be able to post it an article here on N4G about it so you will have to check back manually.

Either way, we hope to help out other gamers and get as many people in the beta as we can :)

X2theG2729d ago

CG will be giving out a few codes as well.

See Alternative Sources above if needed.

sukru2728d ago

Thanks for the heads up. I'll make a note to remember this.

rlm412729d ago

Anyone feeling generous to PM me a code, I would be grateful :)

shaun mcwayne2729d ago

i should get 2 codes out of this, ill try and post one as most of my mates have it already. bummer is i could have had 3 by purchasing all fronts pack on the 8th, but silly me got it last week for when the beta ends. i like to help other gamers because in my mind we gamers are all brothers and sisters, even if i do want to blow ur head off and tea bag your dead body.

Senden2729d ago

Nice idea but I don't like them trying to tempt people with beta codes by buying stuff. All of the codes should be available through doing game related stuff not filling microsoft's pockets. I've got 2 of those things anyway so will be more than enough for me to get a few friends to try.

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