With PSN Down, 5 Things We Miss About Playing Online Naruto Storm 2

Saiyan Island writes "With PlayStation Network (PSN) down, our Sony PlayStation 3 has literally been catching dust. We have some great games with great solo player or local multiplayer action in Metal Gear Solid 4, NBA 2K11, and Grand Theft Auto 4, but nothing compares to the excitement of playing online."

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tayz2753d ago

i haven;t played this game in 2-3 months but might start playing when psn comes back

RedPawn2753d ago

I just finished watching the Lost Tower.

tayz2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

ohhh!! i totally forgot about that movie! thanks for reminding me! was it any good?

crxss2752d ago

Minato Rasengan Spammers are nowhere near as annoying as Sage Naruto Spammers. He's faster and there's no delay in initiating the attack.

RedPawn2753d ago

I was ok honestly but, seeing Naruto interact with his father, knowing at the back of his mind he knows it's him is endearing. Kakashi was a little punk, just like the Gaiden. I liked it though it had an Earthly element.

RedDead2752d ago

I didn't like it again, you've seen one Naruto film/or a regular filler've seen them all. Someone has problem, Naruto solves problem with KB and rasengan, somehow defeating the seemingly impossible to defeat. I wish they would do a few films about other characters...Itachi maybe :D....never will they do that. Same with filler eps.

BK-2012752d ago

The movie was god-awful. I mean the worst one so far. It just shows how downhill the series is going.

rabidpancakeburglar2753d ago

I played through the story again a couple of weeks ago but I've only bothered playing online on a few occasions

despair2752d ago

couple days ago finished moppping up the offline trophies, its just those 50 wins online for 1 friggin title.