Torchlight II: Diablo's Greatest Challenger (Hooked Gamers)

Sidelining the suggestion of a Torchlight MMO for the time being, Runic say Torchlight II will be a single-purchase multiplayer experience, free of the subscription fees many feared. Co-op has long been the most demanded feature among the multitude of addicted players, but rather than being an afterthought to placate fans, Runic have said that Torchlight II will in fact be ideally played as part of a 2-4 character party.

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AfricanWoolf2728d ago

I suppose Torchlight 2 is Diablo's biggest competitor in that it is the best Diablo clone.

It's still like a kitten fighting Griffon. Technically its a fight, but really, is it?

despair2728d ago

I never saw the 2 competing, I love the first Torchlight and it is a kinda Diablo fix while we wait, but its no Diablo for sure. Diablo III will be insanely good if Blizzard's track record is any indication and same probably for Torchlight 2...but on a much smaller scale.

AfricanWoolf2727d ago

Agree completely :) my overly sarcastic comment probably didn't convey that.

So I'll do that now.

I'm so sick of people comparing gamers that shouldn't be compared. Sure these two are similar, but one is a huge franchise backed by the biggest gaming company in the world. The other is a new franchise being made on a shoestring budget.

Both will probably be great, and they shouldn't be compared.

thats_just_prime2728d ago

Well cause they stop making champions of norrath games and BG:DA games

user98412882728d ago

I wish they would make a new champions of norrath...

therapist2728d ago

lol...^ for sure

i had a few good hours of fun with torchlight, possibly 10

i have played over 100 hours of diablo 2 with friends online and alone over the years

thats like saying dc universe online was WoW's biggest competitor

thats like saying halo better watch out for that new breach game

lol....Diablo 3 will eviscerate and decapitate torchlight 2

GhettoBlasStarr2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

Diablo's Greatest Challenger is a RELEASE DATE.

Perkel2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

or WoW style menagment.

Diablo 2 was so fun because it was bloody, had fantastic 2d graphic and it was very in gothic style.

Above same was in D1.

I've played torchlite, titans quest all of them are D clones but none of them had style as d1 or D2 have.

2D graphic in izometric camera looks just better and plays better.