NFL Draft 11: New York Giant Prince Amukamara Goes Virtual in Madden NFL 12

NEW YORK – The newest member of the Giants was in his new home for the 2011 NFL Draft. Before taking center stage at Radio City Music Hall, Amukamara checked out the latest NCAA Football game from EA Sports. The former Nebraska defensive back talks about his love of video games in this exclusive video interview.

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mindedone2778d ago

hmmm...wouldn't the newest giant be one drafted in the later rounds?

sickbird2778d ago


TheHomerPimpson2778d ago

They got great value with that pick...can't believe he was still there. Not looking forward to seeing him twice a season.

MintBerryCrunch2778d ago

same boring tackle animations and from the looks of it, only the WR/TE have the option of diving for the ball...didnt see one DB try it and yet they call it a BIG feature...i hope it doesnt get exploited