GR Game Diary Gears of War 3 Beta Gameplay

This guy sucks as the leader.... Jammed reloads and fast capture for the opposing team.

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Koolaye2727d ago

makes me sad I haven't had the time to play this. Plus, I want that fiery looking weapon. It's so pretty!

insertcoin2727d ago

Shotgun, roll, shotgun, roll, shotgun...

Rainstorm812727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

Yep thats the game in a nutshell, Not to mention the characters are bullet sponges. I havent played too much Gears MP before this other than horde mode and co-op.....I must say im not too impressed.

10 more matches until i unlock the cole football outfit for retail, then its all co-op and horde come september.

bluegreenman2727d ago

thats what makes it take skill. Its not CoD.. they dont die in one hit. Each fight is a battle to take the other guys health down and finish him off before he gets you. One mistake and your done. And stop complaining about the shotgun, Thats what makes gears gears! That is unique if you ask me. Having a weapon so likable, that 3 games in a row it becomes most used weapon. Its all about knowing how to wallbounce, or dodge the enemies shots. Its like a game of chess. Just because you are not good at the game does not mean its not amazing. You just are bad.

Rainstorm812727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

hey im not even a big COD fanatic but to be happy that one weapon owns the multiplayer is ridiculous.

As ii said i dont play very much Gears MP but from what ive played its more like checkers.....I actually play chess and there is little strategy to Gears, but if you think rolling around constantly to get 1 hit shotgun kills is tactical, well to each his own. BTW thats why people use the shotgun, not because its and amazing weapon, it get kills much easier than the lancer.

Just because you like it doesnt mean it IS amazing, everyone has their own opinions and preferences. While i By far dont think the game is bad, i do think the MP isnt for me.

In chess you can get checkmate with minimum remaining pieces, in Gears if its 5 against 2 at the end of team deathmatch the 2 will lose almost everytime.... Ive seen this countless times in the 40+ matches ive played.....But hit me on XBL Rainstorm81 maybe you can show me your supreme skill in Gears.

maxcer2727d ago

if you don't know how to play as a team and use the rifles/shottys/pickups/smokes to your advantage don't knock it.

you have only played 50 matches and are probably around lv 10, and we're already half way through the beta. something tells me you get worked over by most players.

Pyscho_Mantis2727d ago

actually blurgreenman it doesnt take any skill when someone comes over to you with a sawed and shoots you at point blank and i explode nut my shotgun gnasher never seems to do that.

Rainstorm812727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

Well i got into the beta late after it started for the pre-order people maybe a day or two, and im used to team oriented game play the game just feels a lil unbalanced to me.

I get a decent amount of kills but half the time its assists, because team mates steal or help me get kills (i have a million personal assistant ribbons). i get mad at situation where another player is running down an alley being shot with the lancer (drinking bullets), then as soon as they get close bam, sawed off 1 shot.

The shotgun is the Gears version of the Noob-tube....rarely do people actually use the lancer well and the pistol is close to non-existent....I have so many pistoleer ribbons its crazy and i might get 1 pistol kill a round.

Im fairly good at most games, but with gears ill admit im avg to below avg, just cant get the MP gameplay style down.

Not knocking the game cause i clearly still play it, just my thoughts.

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GunofthePatriots2727d ago ShowReplies(2)
earbus2727d ago

Wasnt going to play so it would be a nice suprise got sick of hearing how good it is got a code downloading now,just dont want to overplay it seems to destroy a little enthusiasim beta testing,over played the mag beta kind off killed the release for me same as cod 4 .