Wrongly Jailed Security Whistleblower Caught Up in PlayStation Hacker Hunt

McDanel, who now has a small telecom business outside Sacramento, says that despite his past experience, he’s not particularly worried about being linked to the massive PlayStation Network breach.

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Ninver2779d ago

Slowly but surely all those affiliated will be apprehended and given what they deserve.

Crime never pays!.

blumatt2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Yeah, I'm hoping the ones responsible are given a sentence in federal prison of no less than 20 years. That will discourage others from hacking PSN or XBL in the future.

Llednar2779d ago

No less than 20 years? Are you insane?

Dead_Cell2779d ago

He hasn't been able to play on PSN for two weeks now, do you realise how serious that is?

gamingdroid2779d ago

Tell that to the Goldman Sachs executive or our government!

That said, it is usually the selling of the illegally obtained data that get's them caught, not the act of hacking.

That said, WTF? Outdated version of Apache:

"Sony, it turns out, uses a cluster of Apache servers to authenticate PlayStation consoles, a different cluster to serve downloadable content, another to store image files, etc. All of them are directly accessible from the internet, he says –- there’s no VPN between the console and the PlayStation Network. And he claims all the servers were all at least a little out of date."

"...other researchers found unused functions buried in the PlayStation firmware that can be executed on the network. “Like, you could join the PlayStation Network as a guest, or access any environment they use."

supremacy2779d ago

Well atleast this lets us know a few things, and i hope Sony is paying close attention because they really need to make some improvements.

All in all this will get others to act fast and change the way they do things.

The fact that these are grown men with their own business, i find it disrespectful of them to be looking into Sony's network the way they are. They might not have done anything wrong per say, but their claims got them where they are.

And every hacker accused or enterrogated is quickly to use the same excuse i didnt do it and whoever did it, did it for money.

That much is obvious, why else will someone go through all the hard work of obtaining peoples private information for?

gamingdroid2779d ago

People hack things for enjoyment and self education just like you do gaming (minus the education thing).

People not into the gaming community, claims it is pointless, waste of time and nothing comes out of it.

Don't be so quick to judge others, especially when you are susceptible to it yourself.

Personally, I can see a lot of good things have come out of hacking and we all know "security through obscurity" doesn't work! This is a prime example of it.

IGAMEHARD2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

POLL: the psn hacker will never be caught

Llednar2779d ago

Hackers are not as immune as people think.

starcb262779d ago

That's like saying osama will never be caught, oh wait...

MRHARDON2779d ago

You mean he got killed...

Catching him is when they arrested him and have him in jail, they just killed him and thank goodness they did :D

supremacy2779d ago

He was killed but either way i get your point and your are essentially right. After he does time, chances are they were going to kill him like they did saddam or whatever his name is.

This only was the result of that whole process being cut in half.

Nes_Daze2779d ago

I sure hope who ever did it suffers greatly for it, I don't want more pathetic losers thinking they can mess with my gaming experience.

soundslike2779d ago

Anybody else see the subtle irony in that statement?

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2779d ago

The irony in that a person who enjoys games in your opinion are considered a loser? So I guess someone commenting on a video game forum such as yourself is a winner? (this I assume was your idea of irony)

soundslike2779d ago

do i like gaming? hell yea

would i want someone to SUFFER GREATLY for me not being able to game?

Are you kidding me?

Stealing info and money is one thing, but wanting someone to go to jail because you couldn't game...boohoo

Dead_Cell2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

And yet people demand rights to trails for Terrorists lol. I love the public.

maddfoxx2779d ago

I really do want these hackers to pay. They can face up to 10 years in prison for what they have done. Going to prison and getting raped in the butt for hacking a videogame system isn't worth it for me, but I guess these losers are going to get what they asked for.

truegame2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

A good read on our security online. Stuff that never made the big news...

5 worst digital security breaches of all time

good read from techspy/yahoo

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