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If your looking for that old school socom, you might be disappointed, but if your new to the series, then you should be good to go. The game came with a great singleplayer that will leave you with making a decision. Pick one and earn that trophy! The multiplayer is where people will want to go to. It offers nine maps complete with all the game types. If your looking for something new or different then I suggest you pick up the title, Its worth the purchase, If you're one of those old school socom players buy with caution that you might be disappointed or just give it a good rent.

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cochise3132723d ago

This game is way better than i thought it would be. I love using the sharpshooter.

teedogg802723d ago

Yeah it really is a good game. Since Move works ok with this game it makes me wonder how awesome Uncharted would be with motion controls.

cochise3132723d ago

I'd love to see Uncharted with motion controls. I doubt we'd get it though.

BattleAxe2722d ago

You guys have got to be kidding...

Trroy2720d ago


Haven't actually played it, have you?

clearelite2722d ago

I loved the beta. I'm glad to see it is getting some nice scores!

AAACE52722d ago

I had just got done downloading the beta and update, then PSN went down. So I never got to try it! Debating on just buying, but reviews are so mixed.

04soldier2722d ago

played the beta Meh... just rent it..