Thank You Sony

TitanReviews: The PSN has been down for over a week and in the end I'm thankful Sony has taken the time to make the network more secure than before and for their "goodwill" act. Just remember no business is perfect.

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Warprincess1162726d ago

Everyone complaining about Sony should read this article.

The Matrix2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

I want Sony to apologize to me personally.

GoldPS32726d ago

I'm a representative of Sony and on they behalf you get no apology. Thanks for your time and cooperation.


Klaykid1232726d ago

Don't you know what a 7 second bow means?

b163o12726d ago

He's just Uncultured. Happens more then you think O.o

Inception2726d ago

@the matrix
dude, maybe you must take a red pill and find some truth that sony aren't santa claus?

Zydake2725d ago

I'm sorry Sony but more info has been released OSAMA BIN LADEN IS DEAD HAIL JESUS =D

Pixel_Pusher2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

Thank you Sony!

colombiankilla012725d ago

I heard that Osama was caught because he was so bored in that cave with no PSN that he had to come out eventually and got shot in the ass!

fieldy692725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

@ The Matrix
what makes you so special?! DICKHEAD!!!

BlackTar1872725d ago

Colombian- Your name is trash worthy but your comment is pretty funny.

Amaterasu52725d ago

i want you to get a life

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Menech2726d ago

I don't think anyone is complaining about the actions Sony have taken after the mistake.

Am certainly no PS3 fanboy and apart from the slow response they seem fairly honourable.

But the mistake shouldn't of happened in the first place, and regardless of what Sony does they can't erase the fact that it did.

Giving me a goodwill gesture is all well and good, and there CEO bowing to say sorry was also a nice thing to do.

But the fact still remains my personal details are most likely being sold on the black market to some dodgy advert company.

radphil2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

"But the fact still remains my personal details are most likely being sold on the black market to some dodgy advert company."

You know the same thing is happening on your PC at this moment with tracking cookies and keylogging right?

I swear it's hilarious of people thinking that their info was 100% secure until this situation at hand. More than likely you already had your info being used BEFORE this whole situation, and it's not going to be the last JUST because of this.

Menech2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

radphil, that's no excuse just an easy cop out to try justify something.

People can try and track me all they want with my IP blocker and numerous other defences.

If I make the mistake of giving my details out to someone I deem not reliable or trustworthy it's my own fault from bad usage.

But I would rather not have massive companies that I willingly trusted with my details doing that for me.

Inception2726d ago

"But the mistake shouldn't of happened in the first place, and regardless of what Sony does they can't erase the fact that it did."

What mistake? that their security network is unpenetrable? even pentagon had a lot of security breach!

and Sony aren't God
their still human so they can have mistake
do you never did a mistake?

Arnon2726d ago

You know this happened because Sony skimped on their security measures towards personal identity, right?

I agree with Menech. I'm glad Sony is apologizing and trying to correct their mistakes, but that doesn't change the fact that it happened.

Also, there's a difference to having your identity stolen on your computer vs. your PS3, such as the fact that you can remove your information from your PC at this time. PS3? Not so much.

Inception2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

Well dude, THIS-IS-THE-INTERNET and you must knew in the 1st place that other people you don't know CAN search your personal ID on Facebook or even Google!
Do you still blame Facebook or Google if someone "stolen" you're personal ID? lol

And i don't gave a complete personal ID on the internet. Even my PSN id had a fake name / address.

JMyers2726d ago

@ Menech... Sony didn't make a mistake. The only apology needed is the time they took to provide the information, and the level of information provided.

@ Aron... Security is required by LAW. Sony met these requirements and therefore their duty in that department was covered. Credit card details were behind firewalls and were protected. Sony owes us nothing as the Service is free. The only exception is if someone did indeed lose money or had their identity stolen. Lets see how many cases will arise from this.

The only people to blame here are the hackers.

radphil2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

"radphil, that's no excuse just an easy cop out to try justify something. "

It's not a cop out. I'm going after the way you're acting about this from the last statement. Your infomation was more than likely sold already on the "black market" long before this incident happened in the first place.

I'm going after people acting as this being a "wake-up call" for them, when it's easy enough from an idea that parents go after, where they say to not share your information lightly to anything.

The thing is, this can happen to ANYONE at ANYTIME. The thing is you're already going onto the 100% secure situation cause you said IP Blocker and numerous other defenses. You are NOT 100% safeguarded.

That is what i'm going at. I'm not making an excuse for Sony, nor do they need one, but I'm going at people who thinks their information can never be taken by any other means.

"such as the fact that you can remove your information from your PC at this time"

That still doesn't stop archived files and such. How do you think Federal Forces can find files people thought they got rid of?

vickers5002725d ago

"and Sony aren't God"

You wouldn't know that based on all of the comments here at N4G.

2725d ago
fedexas2725d ago

vickers500: When was there a time that anyone claimed that Sony was God? Go on, I'm waiting.

REDGUM2725d ago

I totaly agree with your comment. You should have well and truely changed your credit card details by now. If you have'nt......Who really is at fault?

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NeverEnding19892726d ago

North Korean's love Kim Jong-il, despite his past transgressions.

Remember that by keeping companies accountable we keep them in line. As consumers, we needed to give Sony sh*t, that way, all three console manufacturers know what not to do.

Tainted Gene2725d ago

A very good point.

Despite the love hate for company A B and C people need to remeber that this is a BUSINESS and there are rules that need to be followed.

PS: For those few ppl missing my point.
When I say Rules, I don't mean actual rules.... but the "ways of business".

KeiserSosay47882726d ago

You've been first alot today.:)

IGAMEHARD2726d ago

you should have said" everyone trolling about sony should read this article"

Guitarded2725d ago

Why! There is nothing here that explains why Sony had to hire outside help to figure out what was wrong with the system THEY built, or why it took them almost a week to disclose any real information. Do you honestly believe this is somehow going to make all the unanswered questions go away? Wow, just wow.

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

The Author have a sense of logic.

Thanks for all the support.

And about those criminals, the jail is waiting for you guys, c'mon, stop hiding, because this agencies and companies, FBI, Homeland Security, Sony, and others organizations will get your butt by brute force to the light of justice.

NeverEnding19892726d ago

LOL. It's garbage like this that makes me love N4G.

snaz272726d ago

lol yeah i know, i come on for a laugh pretty much everyday when i'm bored, mainly just reading the headlines and the comments... Always brings a smile on my face to know there are people worse off than me! Lmao. I kid, I kid. Lol.

karl2725d ago

i dont know about them getting caught ... i think chances are they will just get away with it..

but im happy as long as sony learns from the experience and we dont have to go trough the same problem twice...


. thx sony for not giving up though ...

Octo12726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

Uh oh. An article that make sense AND painting Sony in a positive light :S Bring on the disagrees -_-
All seriousness though, expect the PR miscues Sony didn't do so bad. The steps they took made sense and most would agree with me except the trolls. Again my only issue with Sony is not going the extra mile informing PSN users asap. I know they were investigating but what was the harm in telling us to go ahead and call your CC company just in case?
Anyway, I'm glad that all this will be over soon and we will all be back on PSN.

mrv3212726d ago

Judging by their press confrence their server rooms where pure panic for the first couple of days, only when they got investigators in did they discover the full extent of what had happen.

The only image I can imagine, is a group of well dressed but bored indivuals roughly 4 looking at 4 different very old monitors ( green and black only ) and and one sees a 2 roll down, he tells calmy yet very confused at the other people and says

'I just saw a 2?'
To which someone replied 'No, probably just the coffee'
Then a third guy goes 'Mine to, there's another'

Silence for a second as panic fills the room, everyone in shock. Breaking out of this shock one guy reaches for the emergency axe runs towards the nearest large cable, swings, and cuts the server off.

sycnation2725d ago

all i gotta say is...


the_kutaragi_baka2725d ago

Its too late for an apology now, and most dont care. They are just annoyed about that Sony didnt say anything of interrest the first week. They hoped that the people would just forget this, but it never does.

HK62726d ago

"Sony’s taken the time to rebuild their network to make it more secure than ever and just overall working very hard to make sure everything’s the way it should be."

Should have been secure in the first place.

Hockeydud192726d ago

obviously it was if it took 6 years to finally bring it down.

HK62726d ago

Xbox Live has been out for 9 years and has never had the same problem PSN has.

snaz272726d ago

come on dude they should have made it more secure from the start... I hear people saying, well it's the hackers fault! People shouldn't hack!... Ok yes that is true, but it's a fact of life! People will hack!... Now that then leaves it up to the company to make their business secure, so people have faith purchasing off them or using their service! Would you give your money to a bank that keeps it in a cardboard safe? You know cos people shouldn't steal! So if the money went missing, it wouldn't be the banks fault! Lol... Anyway sony are trying to make good and that's ok with me, hopefully they learn something from all this.

BlackTar1872725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

You guys are failing to realize the hackers were on a personal mission. If a group of hackers got pissed at MS like they did sony you would be a fool not to think they could do the same thing.

What makes me laugh is none of you have any idea how there security works you just assume that since it was breached its bad but have nothing to back it up.

Use your head just because someone doesn't say something doesn't happen doesn't mean you should assume it does.

Snaz prove to be you understand the in and outs of network security and link us to the source of where you have hard proof sony security was bad then i will believe you. But mostly what i see is assumptions.

mrv3212726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

How would one go and check if there service is secure enough? It's usually VERY hard to time travel to the future and discover that you've been hacked.

How do you know it's not as secure as possible? They said the titanic was unsinkable.

HK62726d ago

Easy solution, make it as secure as you possibly can and continue to make it more secure as you acquire more knowledge of security.

J_Cob2725d ago

True, but they also weren't paying attention because they thought they were safe. Thus leading to hitting the iceberg. Same deal with Sony taking their security for granted.