Will PETA approve of the Darkness 2?

Is that really what i think it is?

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Warprincess1163636d ago

Okay and this is news because...

Vegivo3636d ago

I submitted is as an image update not a news update

Dsnyder3636d ago

No one cares what PETA thinks.

ATiElite3636d ago (Edited 3636d ago )


People Eating Tasty Animals!

I know a quite a few Vegans and PETA folks but it's amazing how they all have REAL high quality LEATHER shoes and they cut their grass (plants are living things too).

Jezuz3636d ago

plants aren't animals.

reznik_zerosum3635d ago

P.E.T.A. reason #39 to hate America

GusBricker3636d ago

What do you expect?

Did you see the uproar over Game of Thrones for the last episode?

People care more about the "fake" death of an animal than they do about real people.

bobrea3636d ago

Yea, too bad that show sucks so far. Seriously missed opportunity.

pr0digyZA3636d ago

The shows very good so far. Is there to much talking for you?

Speed-Racer3636d ago

This is lame. Since when does PETA have right to stop a video game ANYWAY?

TheBand1t3636d ago

they don't, but they won't stop them from bitching endless

See: CoD: World at War's attack dogs

Speed-Racer3636d ago

Lol good for them. their cries will go unheard while I cause criminal chaos in darkness 2

DarkFantasy3636d ago (Edited 3636d ago )

PETA should forget games and go after our american food industry the way we treat those poor animals is beyond horrible..hell were pretty much cloneing chickens and cows so they tatse the same,watch the movie "food inc" it's an eye opener you get to see how our food is really made and no it's not on a farm with green grass it's freakin sick! most of our animals grow up knee high in there own shit!! you guys gotta check out that can find it on a google search but you will never look at your food the same way again

bobrea3636d ago

Yea, let's worry about the poor animals when we have people who live on the street. I couldn't give a shit how an animal is treated, as long as I get my food, I'm good to go.

BeOneWithTheGun3636d ago


Well, you should be concerned because the inhumane conditions are breeding grounds for food borne viruses. Make it through a case of salmonella poising; crapping your guts out for a few days then tell me you don't care, lol.

DarkFantasy3635d ago

yeah,lets have a group that focus on animal rights worry about people who live on the street..Dude! are you clueless you should give a shit when they process you're ground beef they don't even clean 100% of the shit off of them = Shit burgers ..they pump our food full of drugs practically mutating the animals they feed animals food there not suppose to eat to make them way fatter then they ever should,they make chickens so heavy they can't walk and most die before they even get to you..and this is the food you're eating!! should care because as the saying go's you are what you eat..they grow these animals in such poor conitions that if 1 gets sick they all do..and ontop of that most americans have poison in there blood from from chemicals and some people even have traces of mad cow in them from these poor conditions ..sorry in a rush gotta run but don't brush this off it's more serious then u think!!

limewax3635d ago

You should see the quality of milk you guys get over in america from those cows that have been injected with Bovine enhancing drugs. Literally have to drain blood and puss from it, Would really read up on what milk you buy over there if I were you

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tunaks13636d ago

I wonder how peta will react to Pandoras Tower if it comes to NA

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