Hunted: The Demon's Forge; Five Games That Would Be Better With Xena

"That’s right, my beloved Lucy Lawless who portrayed the titular heroine in Xena: Warrior Princess gets to lend her voice to the villainous seductress Seraphine. When I first heard about Hunted: The Demon’s Forge I was intrigued, but when I learned Ms. Lawless would be involved I was sold! Recently as I was reading about this game, I was thinking to myself, “Sugar Dumplin’…” (That’s my nickname for myself during inner dialogue) “Sugar Dumplin’, game developers have really dropped the ball by not putting Ms. Lawless in more games.” While it is a sad and unfortunate fact that Lucy Lawless can’t be in EVERY game, I’ve compiled this short list of games that would either have benefited from her vocal styling, or could have replaced a character with the Warrior Princess herself."

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