Kaz Hirai Confirms PSN numbers are larger due to multiple accounts

Gamers Outlook "In Sony's recent press conference on the PSN from Sony's executive deputy president, offered the company's first public apology for the PSN however he also stated the PSN Larger than due to multiple accounts "Duality"."

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Warprincess1164794d ago (Edited 4794d ago )

They didn't mention this when they were bragging about those numbers at E3

BrianG4794d ago

Haha, why would you?

But this is obvious, well, one would think it is. Multiple accounts are common. I know people with multiple PSN's, Live accounts, Twitter's, FB's, etc... They all say their respective numbers but don't divulge some might be multiples.

Also consider households. The ratio is definitely not 1 PS3 to account. I have 5 accounts on mine, my 2 multiples and 2 for family.

TOO PAWNED4794d ago

Well said War. But can't blame them.

EYEamNUMBER14794d ago (Edited 4794d ago )

i thought i had 6 accounts on my ps3 turns out i actually have 9 for japan and europe store as well

MaxXAttaxX4794d ago (Edited 4794d ago )

And the numbers were substantially closer, almost as many as the actual number of units sold.

So in a way, PSN account numbers are a slightly different subject.

gamingdroid4793d ago

"Actually they did mention "active" systems before."

What constitutes active? Communicated with Sony in the last 4-years from the same PS3? Logged in the last 30-days? Signed up?

Active is a very subjective word. We all know it is substantially less than that.

shoddy4793d ago (Edited 4793d ago )

when I try to sign in, it get suspended.

thus Company can tell wich account is active or not.

maybe if you haven't sign into psn for months/years, psn won't count your account as active.

anyone know if inactive cost Sony money?

ShinMaster4793d ago (Edited 4793d ago )

IP address? MAC address?

BloodyNapkin4793d ago

And in other news MS reports that 360 numbers are larger due to multiple consoles.

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Will-UK4794d ago (Edited 4794d ago )

Its all part of PR you cant expect them to show nothing but their best numbers how can they work out who has these dual accounts and subtract them from people who dont.

lil Titan4794d ago

doesn't matter they're still numbers and my little nephew will NOT be playing on my account

dantesparda4794d ago

Yeah, because on the 360 you cant make multiple accounts. People shut it with your bullshit! Facebooks claims around 500 million accounts, how many of those are multiple? And i have 13 accounts on my 360 so just shut it, ok!

Its funny to me how this debacle is somehow even worst than the RROD debacle of the 360 (btw im on my 5th 360). 2+ weeks of a free service down and fanboys of both sides start losing their minds, a red ring debacle that went on for years and had me lose about 5 months of my 360 time. And just cuz its not as bad anymore, after more than 5 yrs and fanboys have already forgotten

gamingdroid4793d ago

I personally created multiple accounts on Xbox Live myself. I think the most important number is paying members of Xbox Live Gold and in my Xbox career I only had one.

Ironically, I have ever only had one PSN account. Go figure!

Valk4793d ago

wait. people are talking about something recent and you want them to shut up but you're still crying over soemthing from 4 years ago? Seems like it is time to take your own advice dude.

dantesparda4793d ago (Edited 4793d ago )

@ Valk
From 4 years ago?! really?! keep believing that bullshit! And my point is how hypocritical 360 fanboys are acting, but im cant see that. Peace kid!

ipe4793d ago

and this guy went through 15 360s

no wonder there are only cc 15 million gold live users(aka online)

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Stryfeno24794d ago

You would be a fool not to think that...Everyone I know have more then 1 account.

testerg354794d ago

Tell that to all the peeps bragging on previous articles.

Nitrowolf24794d ago (Edited 4794d ago )

what when they said that back at E3? I don't think anyone was bragging about it, in fact many of us were pointing out that we have multiple accounts.

It's been said that PSN account can be made on PC, PSP, PS3, and even Televisions.

Valk4794d ago

LOL sure dude... Nobody was bragging...I am sure you just completely missed over all the people boasting how it was so close to xbox live numbers..

kneon4794d ago

Close to XBox live numbers? PSN numbers aren't close, they blow live out of the water. Now if you subtract all those multiple accounts it gets closer. But still they said there are 37+million PS3s registered on PSN so there are probably at least that many unique accounts.

We have 3 PS3s, 4 users and 5 accounts for an average of 1.67 accounts per PS3. That's likely not typical though.

Focker4204794d ago (Edited 4794d ago )

I have 4, US, UK, Japan, and Hong Kong. Each one gets different stuff in the store.


Ummm bragging about what?? Out of every single article the past 2 weeks I haven't seen a single person brag about the 70+ million accounts.

PirosThe4th4794d ago

I got like 7 accounts :P...

Most people I know got more than one.

It's obvious.

Considering is free and the marketplaces are different you can say the same about xbox live silver accounts. I don't know how they managed their numbers though.

starcb264794d ago

I made a lot of fake accounts so I could heart my levels in LPB and get tha platinum.

Will-UK4793d ago

I agree alot of people have multiple accounts whether for online games or for content from foreign PSN Stores

CynicalVision4794d ago

Well that makes sense, I seriously doubt anyone expected those accounts to all independent users. I have 2 myself, mainly because each region offers something different.

rajman4794d ago

Its pretty obvious, who really believes theres 77 milion ps3 owners?

BrianG4794d ago

Well small correction, PSN goes for the PSP as well. So 50 million PS3's plus 60+ million PSP's.